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Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Advertising / PR / Marketing, Information Technology, Internet
  • Salary 5 million yen ~ 9 million yen JPY / Year
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

【 About the company 】

While developing consulting using SEO, listing, SNS (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LINE), affiliates, DSP, ad networks, in-house operating media, etc. as a web consulting company, the company also develops and provides original ad technologies.

The company’s business can be broadly divided into three categories. The first is the “Internet marketing business”. The second is the “ad technology business”. The third is the development of new businesses such as inbound business in Japan.

The company has been recognized within the industry for being a strong SEO company. They are currently dealing with a wide range of products such as operational advertising. In the past few years, they have been developing their own products from AdTech. They are also an advertising agency and an ad-tech-developed and operated company with our own products.

The company is an independent advertising agency that does not belong to a major general advertising agency group.

【What makes this company attractive?】
◆The Tokyo head office, where about 220 employees work, has no partitions. The average age is 30.6 years old, and the executives are almost in their 30s, so it is a very open workplace where people can communicate freely, regardless of department or job category.

【 Job Description & Requirements 】
< Job Description >

You will be involved in the following work related to the offshore development business.
(Offshore base: Cebu Island, Philippines, about 60 people enrolled, 50 Filipinos / 10 Japanese people)
・ Communication with local engineers
・Requirement definition
・ Design, development, operation, test
・ Create and translate design documents in English
・ Source code review
・ Task and issue management (JIRA)
・ Other general product management

■ Specifically
-You will be responsible for the development of new functions and maintenance in our service together with local engineers.
・ Technical support for local engineers

・ You will also improve your own engineer skills.
・ You will be engaged in scrum development using JIRA.

■ Attractive company/work
・ It has been adopted by the 200 stocks that make up the “JPX Nikkei Medium and Small Cap Index”, which selects highly attractive stocks for small and medium-sized stocks.
・ In-house such as targeting DSP [ADMATRIX], which boasts the largest number of destination media in Japan and distribution inventory, and a video ad network [PolymorphicAds] that has detailed targeting functions and realizes the maximum promotional advertising effect based on data analysis Developed and able to work in the core of cutting-edge ad technology. It is also possible to absorb the wide knowledge of web marketing that accompanies this.
・ Aim for career advancement as a full-stack engineer, site reliability engineer (DevOps), and data scientist.
・ You can experience business launch in cooperation with external companies, such as new media development and new offshore business.
・ You can work with highly motivated members. The members have a desire to “grow” and “want to improve their company” and can work together while working together, making it a challenging environment for high-level engineers!

・ Over 3 years of application development experience (JAVA is required, other Python / PHP / Javascript, etc.)
・ Application development/operation experience using RDBMS (MySQL etc.) for more than 3 years
・ 1 year or more of system development experience using Linux
・ Development experience at Scrum
・ Communication skills that enable reporting and consultation at appropriate times
・ Business level English (TOEIC 730 or higher)
・ For foreigners, business-level Japanese language skills (N1 equivalent)
* After getting used to work, there is a short business trip to Cebu.

[Welcome conditions]
・ Experience as a team leader of 3 to 5 people
・ Business understanding
・ New service launch experience

【 Working conditions 】

< Welfare >

  1. -Commuting Allowance
  2. -Full Social Insurance
  3. Salary Assessment 2 times a year, etc.

< Working hours >

< Holiday >Saturday, Sunday, National holiday, Annual paid leave, Congratulations & Condolence Leave, Summer Holiday, ETC.

  • This job has expired!
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Recruitment Agency for Foreign IT talents in Japan G Talentは、ビジネス特化型オンライン英会話No.1のビズメイツが運営する日本に住む外国人IT人材やバイリンガル日本人向けの人材紹介サービスです。サービス名の “G” は “Global” を意味し、国籍を超えた多様な人材(Talent)が日本国内で活躍できるよう転職を支援いたします。 G Talent は、今よりもっと多くの外国人ITプロフェッショナルやバイリンガル日本人が活躍できる場を提供することを通じて、企業の成長並びに日本経済の発展に貢献してまいります。 グローバルに活躍を目指す日本企業への転職を希望する方、ぜひお問い合わせをお待ちしております。 G Talent is an IT recruitment service for foreign IT talents and Japanese bilingual operated by Bizmates,... Read more >
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  • This job has expired!

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