Native Italian speaker for sales imported beverage firm, Visa Support Available


Job Overview

  • Employer Type Direct Hire
  • Industry Wholesale / Retail
  • English Level Conversational Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Other Languages イタリア語ネイティブ
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Requirements

  • Someone with JLPT Level 2 Japanese language ability or higher
    (MUST be able to adequately communicate in the workplace and understand work responsibilities in Japanese)
  • Currently live in Japan

Work experience and qualifications
・ Experience sales and sales promotion for food and beverage shops
・ Beverage industry knowledge
・ drivers license
・ PC skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
・ English: Reading and writing, conversation are on business
・ Italian: Native


・PCスキル: ワード、エクセル、パワーポイント
・英語: 読み書き、会話が業務上ございます

Job Description

Business content

1. Sales and promotion of commercial products, mainly imported beverages

2. Proposal sales and sales promotion activities to business stores (restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes)

3. Sales and proposal activities for existing customers (general restaurants such as restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, etc.)

4. New business development (restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, etc.)

5. Implementation of internal kitchen studios and proposal meetings outside the company

6. Exhibition support, demonstrations at exhibitions, etc.

7. Customer management (sales, expenses, data management, etc.)

8. Cooperation and support with other departments

Work Time: From 9:00 to 17:45 (Lunch break 1H)

*Visa Support Available!!



1. 輸入飲料を中心とした業務用商品の営業・販売促進活動

2. 業務店(レストラン、ホテル、バー、カフェ)への提案営業・販売促進活動

3. 既存取引先への営業、提案活動(レストラン、ホテル、バー、カフェなどの料飲店全般)

4. 新規開拓営業(レストラン、ホテル、バー、カフェなどの料飲店全般)

5. 社内のキッチンスタジオ及び社外での提案会の実施

6. 展示会支援、展示会などでのデモンストレーション

7. 顧客管理(売上、費用、データ管理など)

8. 他部署との連携、サポート




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