Environmental Scientist/Engineer

Hawaii International Environmental Services, Inc.

Job Overview

  • Employer Type Direct Hire
  • Industry Engineering, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Other
  • Salary Dependent on skill level JPY Month Negotiable, but dependent on skill level
  • English Level Basic Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Future possibility / Renewal

Job Description

Hawaii International Environmental Services was founded in 1993 in Kailua, Hawaii on the Island of Oahu. The Kawasaki Branch office here in Japan was started in 1998. Most of our work is related to environmental compliance. We do natural and cultural resource surveys and update management plans. There are often hazardous material surveys including those for building materials and associated sampling and report preparation. We also update compliance plans like Drinking Water Monitoring Plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, and a variety of other environmental management plans.  Some of our projects require GIS and AutoCAD capabilities. For entry level new hires, we will provide training for projects that require sampling and other specific field work. Our projects are mostly for the US military bases and so field work can be from northern Japan to southwestern Japan, although mostly in the Kanto Area and some projects in Okinawa. So being willing to travel for a week or two off and on is needed.


Benefits for full time hires include the typical ones like health insurance and pension where the company pays a portion. If we do well and make a profit, full time employees who have been with us for a year or more will be given a bonus that will depend on how well we did. Some years we do not have a bonus and so it is not guaranteed. We do pay for transportation to and from the office.

Job Requirements

Most of our customers speak English and all of our employees currently can speak both Japanese and English. We are a multinational office with personnel from 3 countries at the moment.

We do not have strict language skill requirements for entry level employees, but for senior level they must be excellent technical writers using the English Language. Sometimes our reports must be in both Japanese and English and so being at the native level in Japanese can be helpful at times.

We are only seeking people currently located and legally residing in Japan. We can help with visa renewals and sponsorship.

We have a few different positions we are looking to fill. A sampling technician who would have to have at least a high school degree; an entry level Environmental Scientist who would have to have a bachelors degree in sciences such as geology, biology, archaeology or chemistry. The entry level scientist could be right out of college or have up to a couple years experience doing similar related work to what we do. Then we also have an opening for a mid-level Environmental Scientist who would need to have more than 5 years experience doing work similar to what we are doing.

We typically work from 0900 to 1700 Monday through Friday. We are flexible though and depending on the situation can allow various work hours to accommodate our personnel. Holidays vary and sometimes we take off on US holidays, but we also let our Japanese employees off on some Japanese holidays.

You can visit our web site for a little more information. www.hiesinc.com




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Hawaii International Environmental Services, Inc. (HIES) is a full service environmental consulting and engineering firm. Headquartered in Kailua Hawaii, with branch offices in Colorado, Virginia, Guam, and Kawasaki Japan. The HIES branch office in Kawasaki... Read More
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