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Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Industrial Machinery
  • Salary from 370,000 ~450,000 JPY JPY / Month
  • English Level Native level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes



  • Language skills: Native English proficiency, Japanese with advanced business-level language skills in reading and speaking, able to conduct business efficiently in both Japanese and English.
  • Work experiences: At least 1 year previous experience in a professional capacity
  • OA skills: PC skills must have general knowledge of MS / Office and be at a level that can be fully utilized in business such as document creation and presentation.
  • Certifications: Bachelor’s degree related to business (business administration, finance, commerce, economics, HRM, etc)
  • Personality: Ability to carry out work effectively in cooperation with people inside and outside the company; needs business negotiation skills
  • Others: candidate must have work permission for Japan.

Open to: Applicants living in Japan


  • Oversight of communications with all overseas suppliers
  • Timely and appropriate communication with business partners based on company-wide business processes
  • Accurate and thorough communication of contact information to each department in the company
  • Supervision of correspondence creation, translation and interpretation
  • Other duties (attendance to meetings, overseas business trips, participating in various projects, etc.) Not only correcting / proofreading duties, this is an important role requiring that the person fully understands the business contents and finds a way to reliably communicate and solve problems.

Company PR:

The company is the sole distributor in Japan of CNH Industrial, the world’s largest industrial machine maker, and directly import and sell tractors and other high-performance agricultural machines from an international agriculture supplier, which is responsible for the agricultural field. The company has a network of over 11,000 dealers in 170 countries around the world, and this is one of the top dealers in its network.
Employees visit overseas manufacturers, factories, and product exhibitions directly to identify the products we sell with their own eyes. Furthermore, they have been tested and improved in their own fields in Japan until they are satisfied with the product, and delivered to customers for the first time.
We supply agricultural machinery imported from leading providers and other countries to farmers all over Japan through 49 sales offices.
We also focus on after-sales services such as inspection, maintenance, and parts sales, and conduct daily sales activities closely related to the local community so that we can be a good consultation for farmers on machinery and agriculture.
We work on “precision agriculture” such as automatic operation of tractors using GPS.
Precision agriculture is a set of technologies packed with the elements needed to maximize yield from limited farmland. Through this technology, we are putting our utmost effort into proposing cutting-edge agriculture to farmers and continuing to challenge them together.
Delivering agricultural machinery recognized by the world to the whole country
As the sole distributor in Japan of the world’s top brand CNH, we possess a comprehensive machinery manufacturer distribution chain, and import tractors and high-performance agricultural machines directly from more than 20 manufacturers in eight countries, including the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The line-up is quite extensive.
There are 54 offices nationwide, including the Sapporo headquarters in Hokkaido, the Tomakomai Depot with a distribution base, and Kyushu and Kagoshima. Through a variety of agricultural machines, from large to small, according to each region, we play a role in improving the productivity of farmers.
 A stage where you can play as a professional
“Precision agriculture”  that makes full use of IT and robot technology is not limited to technology that allows anyone to easily steer a tractor simply by pressing a button in order to reduce costs and improve work efficiency for farmers. Is a series of technologies packed with the elements needed to maximize yield from limited farmland.
Through this precision agriculture, we propose the near-future agriculture delivered bythe company to farmers and continue to take on challenges together.
Our employees are based on more than 70,000 tractors that have been delivered to all over Japan so far, and are good consultants for farmers as professionals. We continue activities closely related to the community.
If you are interested to join an international leader in Agriculture please don’t hesitate to apply right away!

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