Sales Consultant for Real Estate Business – Chinese speaker

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Job Overview

  • Employer Type Direct Hire
  • Industry Real Estate
  • Salary 235,000JPY plus インセンティブ JPY / Month
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Other Languages 中国語ネイティブ
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes


◆ Job content
From the purchase of real estate for investment, to price negotiations with buyers, sales contracts, settlements and after-sales follow-ups, we strive to realize smooth transactions between sellers and buyers.
Customers are individuals, corporations, and institutional investors, mainly wealthy.
In recent years, with the inflow of funds from around the world, trading channels will continue to expand significantly.

不動産の専門知識のスペシャリストである『公認 不動産コンサルティングマスター』の資格の他、不動産、金融、多岐に渡る資格を保有する社長が、プロの視点から直々に専門知識を伝授します。先輩社員たちもマンツーマンで指導に当たりますので、わからないことを包み隠さず、正直に話していくことができれば、着実にレベルアップを果たすことができるはずです。

◆ Enhanced education
In addition to the qualification of “officially certified real estate consulting master” who is a specialist in real estate expertise, the president who has qualifications in real estate, finance and various fields will transfer expertise directly from a professional perspective. Senior employees also provide one-on-one instruction, so if you can talk honestly without obscuring anything you do not understand, you should be able to steadily improve your level.
Thoroughly support growth even after gaining a career. The company will also bear the cost of acquiring qualifications such as housing.
We also actively hold outsourcing training and study sessions with inviting lecturers in order to have a wider view and hearing.


◆ Analysis
Since it is a sales company, a minimum of “spirit and guts” is necessary. However, it is not an abstract word such as “I can do it if I do it” or “I can do it if I do my best”. What am I missing? What do you need? I will pursue it by analyzing and subdividing it quite deeply. It is interesting because it can only be logically elucidated.


◆ Independently developed database
Utilize a high-precision database developed in-house, improve sales efficiency, and make the most of performance in a limited amount of time.


◆ Job rotation
Assigned to the Consulting Division for one year.
If you wish, you can apply for a transfer to another department one year later.



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