Web Application Engineer (Java※Business Japanese)| Digital Production Company- Clients: POKEMON, JAL, etc

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Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Information Technology, Internet
  • Salary 3.5 million yen ~ 7 million yen JPY / Year
  • English Level Not necessary
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Overseas applicants allowed
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

【 About the company 】
The company different kind of services:

■ Marketing support in Japan
■ Digital marketing strategy formulation
■ Website creation
■ System development
■ Maintenance/Operation

The company is mostly dealing with major companies. They are based in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, they are developing the production of websites, system development and marketing support.

【Attractive Working Environment 】

■ We are engaged in direct transactions from upstream to downstream.
■ Because there are abundant large-scale projects, skill improvement is big!

■ There is also a president’s policy, overtime work can be maximum of 19 hours a month
■ There is a climate to maintain a work-life balance
■ Married rate is about 50%, and there are many achievements in maternity leave (male employees have acquired it too)

【 Job Description & Requirements 】

< Job Description >

Depending on your aptitude and desire, you will be responsible for the business system (mainly Web) development using Java, or system development using BI or AI technology.
They will ask you about your current skills, aptitude, and wishes in detail, and leave the most suitable projects.
Also, as you grow, you can be in positions for upstream processes and leaders/managers.

[Example of project]
Development of business system as SE / PG ★ Aiming to improve technical capabilities throughout the department!
There is also contract development (in-house development)!

【In particular】
First, we will assign the following projects as SE / PG.
・ ATM system that everyone is familiar with
・ Web application system that allows you to check bank balances online
Banks, insurance companies, securities companies
Development of systems used in the financial industry.

◆ This is the point
・ After joining the company, there is a (maximum) 2 month in-house training (Head office)
(Dedicated educational staff will teach using video teaching materials etc.)
-Two or more staff members can be assigned to the customer (average project size: about 5 to 7 staff members)
・ There are also major × prime (direct contract) projects
・ Start from the test work and gradually get involved in development!

◆ Project example
・ Development of systems for major SNS providers
・ Construction of business system
・ Development using BI and AI of major communication carriers
・ Development of accounting system for foreign exchange business in banks
・ Development of insurance and securities business systems compatible with the My Number system
・ Development for automation of system using Python
・ Framework consulting for development work improvement for major telecom carriers

♦ Development environment
・ Server side Java, python
・ Web server Apache, Tomcat, Jetty, Nginx
・ Java framework Spring, JavaEE
・ Front end HTML, CSS, Jquery, Angular, React
・ Build Maven, Gradle, Jenkins
・ Databases Oracle, Mysql
・ Virtual environment Docker, Vagrant, Virtualbox
・ Development environment Eclipse, VisualStudio, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA
・ Test Junit, Selenium
・ Infrastructure AWS (EC2, ELB, RDS)
・ Configuration management Git, GitLab, Subversion
・ Task management RedMine, Backlog

In addition to gaining practical experience at the development site,
There are plenty of opportunities for training and external seminars to acquire skills and management skills.
Use it to improve your career according to your future vision.


・ One or more years of experience in system development using Java

・Business japanese
・ Detailed design experience

[Welcome skills and experiences]
・ Basic design experience
・ Experience developing systems using open languages
・ Some industry / business knowledge such as EC industry and financial industry
・ Leader experience including team leadership and junior guidance

【 Working conditions 】
< Welfare >
-Commuting Allowance

-Full Social Insurance

[Environment-first environment creation]
★ PC spec selectable & external monitor provided
★ Flexible system for in-house core time from 10 to 15:00
★ Telecommuting system available (some remote available)
★ Training (Training up to 2 months depending on skills)
★ Business cafeteria training (Tohmatsu Innovation Biz CAMPUS)
★ Online video learning service (schoo WEB-campus)
★ Qualification acquisition system (ex: Passed the project manager examination… paid 100,000 yen)
★ Book purchase assistance, external seminar participation expense assistance
★ Free clothing ※ Depends on PRJ destination

◆ Bonus / July, December
◆ Salary revision / twice a year
◆ Overtime allowance ★ 100% paid ★

< Working hours >FLEX-TIME

< Holiday >Saturday, Sunday, National holiday, Annual paid leave, ETC.

  • This job has expired!
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Recruitment Agency for Foreign IT talents in Japan G Talentは、ビジネス特化型オンライン英会話No.1のビズメイツが運営する日本に住む外国人IT人材やバイリンガル日本人向けの人材紹介サービスです。サービス名の “G” は “Global” を意味し、国籍を超えた多様な人材(Talent)が日本国内で活躍できるよう転職を支援いたします。 G Talent は、今よりもっと多くの外国人ITプロフェッショナルやバイリンガル日本人が活躍できる場を提供することを通じて、企業の成長並びに日本経済の発展に貢献してまいります。 グローバルに活躍を目指す日本企業への転職を希望する方、ぜひお問い合わせをお待ちしております。 G Talent is an IT recruitment service for foreign IT talents and Japanese bilingual operated by Bizmates,... Read more >
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  • This job has expired!

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