What is “Language Teaching Professionals”?

What is “Language Teaching Professionals”?

Established by David Paul in 2010, Language Teaching Professionals (LTP) is a group of educators who put priority on supporting the professional development of language teachers. LTP runs teacher training courses, develop materials, support teachers who have developed their own materials, have a book store, provide forums for teachers to share and discuss their ideas . . . and much more. 

One of the main duties of LTP is to act as the central office for English Teachers Japan (ETJ) which is a free association for English teachers in Japan that encourages the exchange of information and teaching ideas and supports the professional development of teachers.

LTP Training Benefits

LTP offers various training programs and workshops for teachers of English as a foreign language focusing on the struggles and difficulties that Japanese have acquiring proficiency in English.

Being Japan specific, proven language acquisition strategies can be tailored to address learning barriers rooted in Japanese language structure / pronunciation, cultural differences as well as questionable formal teaching methods at Japanese schools, etc.
For this reason, course participants range from novice teachers to those already have other teaching certifications or degrees.

Employment Benefits of LTP Certification

In addition to the expanded opportunities LTP Certification gives you with employers, JobsInJapan.com gives these certification holders the following benefits:

  1. Featured Resume Status – After obtaining a Level 3 certificate or above, your resume will be made “Featured” which puts it at the top of search results.  This gives your resume more exposure and tells emploers that JobsInJapan.com recognizes your qualifications as an effective teaching professional. 
  2. Featured Video Interview for LTP Certified Teachers –  Increase your chances of getting a job using our  LTP Certified Teachers have both their resumes and video interviews featured placing your resumes above the rest. More information on this program here https://jobsinjapan.com/video_ltp_certified/


LTP Certifications

• Attendance Certificates
A teacher receives a ‘Level 1 Attendance Certificate’ after attending 4 workshops (for example, 2 Sundays with 2 workshops on each day), a ‘Level 2 Attendance Certificate’ after attending 8 workshops etc…

• Full Certificates
A teacher receives a ‘Level 1 Certificate’ after attending 4 workshops and completing 2 written assignments based on the workshops, a ‘Level 2 Certificate’ after attending 8 workshops and completing 4 written assignments based on the workshops attended etc.. Each assignment is graded ‘Pass’, ‘Pass C’, ‘Pass B’ or ‘Pass A’. Written assignments that are not of an acceptable standard may be rewritten.

• Applied Certificates
Submissions for the Applied Certificate can be made after attending at least 8 workshops (4 days) of a Language Teaching Professionals TESOL program.Each submission that achieves at least a ‘Pass’ grade is quantified as 4 hours. The maximum number of submissions is 5. The ‘Applied Certificate’ is issued after 5 submissions have achieved at least a ‘Pass’ grade. 

• Advanced Certificates
A teacher receives an ‘Advanced Certificate’ after attending 20 different workshops of the same program and completing 10 written assignments based on the workshops. Certificates are graded ‘Pass’, ‘Pass with merit’ or ‘Pass with distinction’. Written assignments that are not of an acceptable standard may be rewritten.

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