Tips to make more money by Live Work Play Japan!

Posted: Nov 02, 2016

Our friends at Live Work Play Japan! have come out with a FREE guide on landing your dream job, job search & resume tips that are not found in the normal "how to Japan" sites.

We found this a useful guide by those in the know to get a better job (especially if you are an English teacher), better work/life balance allowing you to better enjoy your life here.
This ebook by Live Work Play Japan! will take you step by step on what you can do to get paid more as an English teacher, diffuse a few myths and show you how to make more than you are now allowing you the freedom to enjoy yourself more.

The authors, Charlie and Martin, have done their time in Japan and know what they are talking about.  Hey, it is FREE and can help you make more money.  Like to the guide is here.

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