10 Fun Things to do in Yokohama!

As the weather warms in Japan, nothing is better than hopping on the train and taking a stroll by the water. Though Yokohama Station is only a 30-minute ride from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station, the ambiance

How Hard Is It To Get a Non-English Teaching Job In Japan?

To do well in the job hunting process in Japan you have to prepare properly and follow the Japanese style, which is a little different.

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Updated Weekly Top Jobs in Japan. New jobs are being posted and updated frequently, so check back here.

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On this episode I’m speaking with Adam Kardos, Owner of English Access who created a fun interactive game that helps children to learn English.

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Can you get a childcare licence in Japan as a foreigner, without speaking perfect Japanese?

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Dealing With Hay Fever In Japan

Pollen allergy is very common in Japan. Depending on where you live, you may be more or less familiar with this condition.

Dealing with noisy neighbors the Japanese way

Whether it’s dragging footsteps or loud music blasting at night, having noisy neighbors is never helpful in creating a happy living environment. If you’re facing this dilemma, we’ve got a few tips to handle the situation.

6 Unconventional Tips to Help You Nail That English Teaching Job Interview

Teaching English abroad is an incredible way to see the world, meet a wide range of people, as well as explore a career that changes the lives of others. However, the first step to embarking

20 Fun Things to do in Osaka

Known for food, a rough exterior and leopard print, Osaka is one of the most dynamic cities in Japan. From the classic Must-Do’s to insider exclusive spots, here are 20 fun things to do in Osaka.

What You Need To Know About Paid Time Off When Working In Japan

Japan has a fairly reasonable paid leave system. Called “yūkyū” in Japanese, all workers are legally entitled to paid leave. Let’s look at how much leave you can claim in Japan, and other rights.

Gamagori School for Sale!

Starting a school is super hard, so it might be worth looking to buy a school that is already running and has students. Here’s a school like that!
Happy Kids English School

The responsibilities of being an English teacher in Japan

Teaching English in Japan requires much more than simply teaching grammar or vocabulary. Here we explain everything you need to know about being an English teacher in Japan.

How can the Japanese English teaching system be fixed?

Perfect grammar but zero conversational skills – this is how the Japanese are often described regarding their English proficiency. What went wrong with how the language is taught?

Essential items to start living in Japan that you can get from the ¥100 store

Furnishing an apartment is an expensive endeavor, but there is a neat way to cut down the costs. A visit to the local 100 yen store! Let’s take a look at some great things to pick up there.

School for Sale – “Spring Learning” in Yokohama

Starting a school from scratch is incredibly difficult. Most schools fail within a year or two because they don’t get enough students, don’t communicate or market themselves well, and can’t build a brand. That’s why

Why are Japanese people so fascinated by your blood type?

Japanese people are obsessed by blood type, but should they be and where does this fascination come from?

Weekend Relaxation: 7 Budget Beach Trips From Tokyo

Even though it may be difficult to travel right now, there are plenty of vacation-worthy beaches near Tokyo. Here are the seven best beaches for you to visit—even if you’re on a budget!

Make the most of the centuries-old Autumnal Equinox Day

Reconnect with family, visit the ancestral grave or spend time with friends – there are lots to do during the Autumnal Equinox Day.

Why does Japan rank so low when it comes to gender equality?

Despite being a developed country, gender equality in Japan is still very low compared to other countries. Here we explain the reasons for this situation.