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Attracting foreign staff for you is what we do Since 1998, has been a key resource for the foreign community in Japan and people overseas interested in living and working in Japan. We connect


Job Seeker - Frequently Asked Questions How can I get a work visa in Japan? To get a work visa in Japan you need to find a sponsoring company. In most cases this requires an


From 5 years on JET to a long-term HR/Recruitment Career

This week I talk with Thomas, a former 5-year JET turned HR/Recruitment guy. Many people turn to HR after being an ALT, but few can make it work long term. Today I ask Thomas how

Recruiters Can Make 5x an English Teacher’s Salary in Japan

#InsideJapan #Episode161 On this episode I’m talking with Cameron Brett, managing director of Randstad professionals and technologies. If you are interested in becoming a recruiter or have recently started, this episode will have a ton

5 Ways Telework is Changing Life in Tokyo for the Better

Working in a Japanese company conjures images of poor work-life balance, crowded commutes and late night drinking parties. However, the pandemic-imposed telework has improved all these and more.

The most in demand skills* in Japan

In this age of ever accelerating automation and pervasiveness of AI, there are two ways you can approach this hot topic. The first one, is the traditional way, by which you can simply go over

How to Find a Job in Japan with a Recruiter

Here you will find all you need to know about using a recruiter to find a job in Japan. If you’re looking for a job in Japan, a recruiter can help you find a job fast.

What do Japanese Companies Care About the Most When Hiring Foreigners?

One of the advantages of being in the recruitment world in countries such as Japan, dealing with foreigners, is that you get to know, first hand, about work-related intricacies from around the world. If you

How to Get a Job in Japan

Don’t let the pandemic dampen your hopes for working in Japan! In this article, we cover a step-by-step to finding employment and making your job goals for employment in a Japanese company. It’s never too early to start working towards a job in Japan.

Maximising Health in Tokyo Without Decimating Your Yen

Japan is home to all the ingredients necessary to concoct a healthy lifestyle, but living for the health-conscious can quickly and easily empty your wallet. Nowhere is this more true than in Tokyo. This article

A look at the recruiting industry with Brad Corbet

Bradley Corbet is a Senior Consultant at Morgan McKinley, a professional recruitment and talent management company operating in Japan, the United Kingdom, Ireland, EMEA, and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Interview subject: Bradley Corbet, Senior