Starting a Language School

School for Sale in Takatsuki, Osaka

If you’re looking to the following year and thinking that it’s about time you started a school, then take a look at this school offer.

There are currently 17 students already enrolled at the school, which is a BIG deal since starting a new school would leave you with a big hole in your wallet (or your investor’s wallet) and still no cashflow. Starting with 17 students means positive cashflow, and that number can be boosted significantly with good marketing and great lessons that parents want to share with their friends.


The school building is a 2-story house and you can live downstairs and have your classes in the rooms upstairs. It’s the perfect work from home opportunity!

If it’s a successful school, then why is it being sold, you might ask. The owner is heading back to the US for family reasons but wants to leave the students in good hands.

The rent is at 160,000 yen ( with the teacher paying half of the rent and 70% of the utilities). It is a franchise school under Modern English, which means that you won’t have to make schedules, contact potential students or produce marketing materials for the school yourself. Also, you can choose to hire a teacher or you can teach the classes yourself. Lastly, since the Franchise fee has already been paid, NO franchise fee for the new owner. Located in a lovely family-centered, residential area with many public schools in close proximity, so plenty of opportunity to get more students.

If you were to start your own school from scratch, it would likely be over 2,000,000円 for a school of this type. Starting from scratch would also mean beginning with negative cash-flow and need extra marketing spend to reach current cash-flow.

Asking Price for Full Transference of the School Ownership: $7,500 US

Interested? Send us an email with any questions you have using the form below:


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