Featured Video Interview for LTP Certified Teachers

Going beyond your resume to get your next job – Take the JobsinJapan.com Video Interview!

Do you want to:

  • increase your chances of getting a job?
  • get a job faster?
  • be seen by more employers?
  • save time and avoid garbage interviews?

Then you should take the JobsinJapan.com Video Interview.

This is not a video resume, but a video interview system where you take a number of set common interview questions via your computer or smartphone which are then attached to your resume and job applications. Basically this allows you to showcase your abilities and personality in a way that a resume or cover letter just can’t.

You do this at your convenience and control the environment. No more hassles and rescheduling your life for each and every screening interview. Let’s just get those out of the way. 

Reasons to take the JobsinJapan.com Video Interview

  • Increase your employment chances – Applications with a video interview are getting viewed first and more often. Employers are much more likely to be engaged by the video interviews than a simple resume.
  • Go beyond the resume – Let’s face it. Resumes (CVs) just don’t do the job seeker justice. This puts a human side to process. 
  • Show you are serious – dress professionally (just the one time), then relax and enjoy the fact that you now have a better chance of getting the job than other candidates.

What do you need to do:

  • Takes 15 – 20 minutes, but will ultimately save you time and get you more opportunities.
  • Dress professionally for the video interview in your house (then you can go back to your jammies after)

What to expect during the Video Interview

The video interview consists of a number of general interview questions (not specific to any one company or school) which you could expect during a live interview, but you can record your answers on your own time. 

Even better than a live interview as we you will have three attempts at each question; If you are not satisfied with your answer, take it again.

“What if the employer doesn’t like me?”

How many times have you wasted your time on inconveniently scheduled interviews which both you and the employer knew right away were not a good match? At least this way you do it once and save both you and your potential employers time wasted in awkward interviews.

“Are there gonna be any trick questions?”

There are no trick questions, but rather the questions are designed to highlight your skills, knowledge and achievements, thereby improving your chances to get a better job.

By letting employers see you first, you eliminate all those garbage interviews and just streamline the process to have pre-qualified interviews with interested employers. It’s a no-brainer!

Additional Benefits for LTP Trained Teachers

There are numerous TESL training and certifications which vary greatly in quality of instruction and usefulness to the Japanese learners of English.  We know that the LTP Teacher Training is effective, so we make the resumes of teachers with LTP teacher cerficiaton (Level 3 or higher) as “Featured” which means:

1) Your resume will be listed higher than other certified teaches.

2) The resume is shown as featured which means employers on JobsinJapan.com can see that we have recognized and enforced your skills.

What do employers say?

International School in Tokyo

“These video interviews saved me so much time.   I just invited one applicant to visit our school for a second interview directly due to her video.  This person was not on my short list and would not have considered her if it wasn’t for the video.”

opening a japanese school

IT Company

“This is a game changer. It would be great if all applicants had to have this. I also like how we can request a job seeker to take one. In a way, I already know that those without one are not serious about working here.”

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