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私たちは、国際市場に向けて良質な日本の牛肉を供給する輸出会社です。マレーシア、インドネシアのハラル産業に幅広いネットワークを持ち、日本のハラル認証を得た牛肉の輸出会社としては最大手です。現在では、中東その他の地域への輸出も手がけています。 URL: https://hmr-wagyu.jp
URL: https://hmr-auto.jp

H.M Ryochi Co., Ltd. is a Japanese trading company which exports Halal certified Japanese Wagyu Beef to authorized global Halal market since 2016.

Our goal is to popularize the Japanese Wagyu food culture in the world through exporting Japanese Halal Wagyu Beef.

We have an extensive network in the halal industry in Malaysia and Indonesia and are the largest exporter of halal certified beef from Japan. Currently, we are also involved in exports to the Middle East and other regions.  URL: https://hmr-wagyu.jp

We are also involved in the business of exporting used Japanese cars and motorcycles to Malaysia. URL: https://hmr-auto.jp




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    Yoshioka Building 3F, 4-32-1, Shinjuku-ku, Yotsuya, Tokyo


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