Attracting foreign staff for you is what we do

Since 1998, Jobsinjapan.com has been a key resource for the foreign community in Japan and people overseas interested in living and working in Japan. We connect tens of thousands of job seekers with employment opportunities in multiple industries and job functions including teaching, hospitality, information technology, manufacturing, service industry and more.

  • Access to 30,000+ active job-seeker resumes
  • Visibility to over 75,000+ unique visitors monthly / 900,000+ page views per month
  • Thousands of newly registered users per month
  • Weekly Newsletter / Jobmail of over 40,000+ subscribers
  • Competitive pricing and greater ROI
  • Extensive social media coverage / Targeted job syndication network (list).
  • Optimized for mobile – your job listing will look great on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

The ideal recruiting tool

With Jobsinjapan.com, we take a holistic approach to your hiring needs that combines job listings, searchable resume database, proprietary AI, top-ranked SEO along with exposure via our vast social media network (details) to maximize exposure allowing candidates to get the best results.

Considering the amount of lost revenue while a job goes unfilled, a well-written and attractive job placed on jobsinjapan.com can yield numerous quality candidates in a short period of time. We provide you with the right platform along with all the tools to manage your candidates easily and effectively.


Let Jobsinjapan.com make your recruiting activities a whole lot easier.


Job Posting

  • Ease of use – Employers can post jobs online by filling out the simple web form; clone, edit, delete or deactivate posted jobs.
  • Attractive Job Descriptions – Plain text is boring. We use Rich Text allowing you to put job description information in Bold, italics, underline, bullet points, hyperlinks, and much more.
  • Bring the job to life – Add photos and videos to make a very attractive job posting. If you do not have a company video, add a video of the city to give the job seeker and idea of the location.
  • Your job will show on the interactive map allowing job seekers to find positions near where they live or want to live. Set for the job location as this may be different than the company address.
  • Refreshed to top – Instead of your job advertisement losing momentum as the days go by, the Featured jobs are periodically refreshed to the top of the list getting you more exposure.
  • Screening questionnaires – Use our customized filters to effectively block those that do not fit your requirements.
  • Built for mobile – We make sure your job posting looks great regardless of device the job seekers uses.

Company Profile Page

  • You can let job seekers know more about the company, benefits, and why the company is an employer of choice.
  • Same as the job postings, use Rich Text and video to show of your company.
  • Company location shown on the interactive map.
  • Employer reviews are an invaluable resource for job-seekers. You have the choice to allow employees or interviewees to share their experiences on your company profile page. Moderated to ensure that only helpful comments are allowed. (Employers have the option to disable).

Resume Data bank: Effective Resume Search

  • For employers with this option, you are able to search resumes by different criteria including keywords and location.
  • It’s also possible to save resumes and resume searches; create/manage resume alerts and receive latest resumes by email.
  • Resumes can be downloaded in PDF file for later review.
  • Employers can add personal notes for saved resumes.

Managing Applications Made Easy

Employers are provided with all necessary tools to view, accept or reject applications from job seekers. Various filters allow you to easily sort and rank applications making your hiring process streamlined saving you time. General statics are tracked giving you feedback on how each job is doing.

  • Choose between using our online application process with email notifications or redirect job seekers to a certain URL (e.g. hiring landing page on your site).
  • Resume Archive – Different from other job sites, we do not close down access to your account and resumes soon after your posting expires blocking you from your applications.

Video Interviews: Save face-to-face interviews for only your most qualified candidates

Managing Applications Made Easy

When you’re blocking out an hour for each and every screening interview, the hiring process becomes extremely time-consuming. This is especially true when many of these applicants don’t live in the same time zone or don’t have the qualifications necessary to be a good fit. Use the JobsinJapan.com video interviewing system to quickly sort who deserves an in-person interview.

The video interview system lets employers request job applicants to answer a number of set interview questions in a relatively controlled way with the video attached to the resume for the hiring manager’s review.

It has never been faster to assess a job seeker’s communication skills, body language, and how they present their ideas. Even assessing how one dresses for the video interview tells a lot about one’s personality.

No juggling schedules, save time, collaborate with your team members and make a faster and better hire.

How much does this service cost?

Nothing! It is included with all packages.

Nationality Ranking

1. United States
2. Philippines
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Australia
6. India
7. New Zealand
8. France
9. Thailand
10. Italy

Living in Japan

64% / 34%

Aged 25 ~ 34


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Our Featured Services

Different posting plans to match the recruitment needs for businesses
of all sizes

Premium Job Package


  • Job listing duration: 30 days
  • Premium listing box: 30 days
  • Featured Status in searches
  • Refresh Jobs: 3 times
  • Newsletter / Jobmail
  • Related Jobs section exposure
  • Social Media – Extended Push
  • Multi-prefectural listing
  • Resume bank scout access: 50 resumes
  • All features of Standard postings

Get the most exposure with your positions! Your job will be displayed as “Featured” offering job seekers the most information with the highest level of exposure. Featured jobs are ranked the highest in the search results and with custom-branded header design to further stand out to job seekers.

More info
Bulk Discounts

Advanced Job Package


  • Job listing duration: 30 days
  • Premium listing box: 7 days
  • Featured Status in searches: 7 days
  • Refresh Jobs: 1 time
  • Newsletter / Jobmail
  • Related Jobs section exposure: 7 days
  • All features of Standard postings

Get the same high exposure to your jobs as the Featured level postings for one week then Standard level posting features for the remainder of the 30 days online.

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Bulk Discounts

Standard Job


  • Job listing duration: 30 days
  • Newsletter / Jobmail

The Standard level postings are listed on the site for 30 days with unlimited rich-text job descriptions (insert images, photos, videos), included in all applicable searches, company profile, screening questions, full-featured candidate tracking system, and much more.

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Bulk Discounts

Value Added Services

Professional and Proactive options to find you staff quickly and efficiently

Teacher Placement Service (Haken Service)

¥288,000 ~ 340,000/month
¥2,200 ~ 3,000/hour

  • Everything is taken care of including including visa processing, guarantor, setting up bank account, and other daily needs for the teachers.
  • Qualified teachers for Preschools/Kindergartens or Eikaiwa
  • Not just full time, only a few hours per month is OK.

Using a teacher dispatch service is a time-saving and convenient way to solve your teacher hiring issues allowing you to concentrate on your school/business. (Sectors: Preschool/Kindergarten Teachers and Eikaiwa Teacher)
You don’t have to endure the hassle or bother of advertising the vacancy, sorting applicants, taking care of visa, housing, support issues, etc., just outsource the entire process.
Find out the differences, benefits and if this is the right decision for you.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Services

  • Save time and reduce hiring costs
  • We proactively recruit for you
  • Utilize our expertise

JIJ RPO Service is a hands-on employee acquisition, screening and shortlisting candidate introduction service. Let us provide you with a list of candidates ready for you to interview. Think of it as a hybrid between the job posting service and a recruiting agency at a fraction of the cost.
Our fastest growing service!

Resume Bank Access


  • 50 Resume views

Save time by pro-actively searching through our resume databank. Search by skills, location, language ability, visa, and more to get a list of candidates that meet those criteria. Resume Alerts will let you know when a candidate uploads a resume that matches your exact needs.

Additional Options

Job Posting Discounts


For companies that need to post multiple job vacancies or have year-round hiring needs, Jobsinjapan.com has discounted prices. Inquire about our discounts for 3, 5, 10, yearly job posting packages or we can even make a customized package combining the different posting levels.

Want us to write your advert? Your account manager will help you with advertising your jobs, giving you the best chance to find the right talent.

Recruiter/Agency Package


JobsinJapan.com has special package plans for Recruiting and Staffing agencies.
Please contact us for further information on rates, options and site functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Driving Traffic to your Job Postings is what we do. Here are just a few of the ways we ensure you get the most qualified applications to your job posting.

  • JobsinJapan.com operated social media
  • Job Distribution network
  • Partner sites
  • Jobsinjapan.com blog section with unique content
  • Inside Japan Podcast
  • Email Newsletter
  • SEO / SEM
  • Links and advertising from high traffic sites about living & working in Japan
  • Various paid advertising (Indeed, Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook ads, etc.)

Detailed description here

The Featured job posting is listed on the home page, has a larger more attractive preview block including key visual and extended explanation attracting more attention than the Standard job listings.


More importantly, the Featured job listing is “refreshed” weekly to the top of the listing which greatly increases the number of views and response offering a constant flow of applications throughout the month. While each job is different, you can expect double the number of applications with the Featured listing allowing you to make a better hiring decision.

While we are confident you will find our site easy to use, we are happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can walk you through using the site and functionality.

If you still feel uncomfortable, you can send us the job description to us by email for us to upload on your behalf. We also check the content of every job posting before making it live on the site.

Everyone loves FREE right? When we started JobsinJapan.com in 1999, we offered free postings and had a very large number of jobs on the site while monetizing banner and featured jobs. While this sound great, it caused a lot of problems.

Free listing sites are full of scams and less-than-reputable jobs which causes distrust with job seekers. Being free, there were many garbage listings.

Having paid listings allows us to improve the site and advertise your listings properly giving your job advertisement a better response and features to manage your applications efficiently.

Jobs are posted online for a period of 30 days. The time starts from when the job is posted online and does not correlate with the job posting purchase date.

For those job seekers that have applied to your job, you can request for them to answer a number of set interview questions using our video interview system which are then stored for your review.

In your applications folder, there is a video invite/view icon just above the job seeker’s resume download button. That’s it. No extra fiddling around with technical stuff. Just click the video invite button to ask for a video interview for your next hire.

More information on this is found in the Employer User Guide.

There is no additional charge no matter how many people you hire from your job listing. JobsinJapan.com charges per job description published so the price is the same if you hire one person or one hundred from your job posting (package options here)

We accept payment by Bank Transfer, Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal. As payment is to be made in advance of your job posting be published online, there is a slight time delay for those using the bank transfer option to allow for payment confirmation.

The employer is responsible for creating their own job description text. Advice on how to write an effective job description can be found here (link).

Before job postings are approved online, we check to see if they meet our rules and regulations. At this time, we also check the job description text for spelling and grammar mistakes which we will fix.

We do not restrict how many words or characters for your job description, so you can write a proper explanation on why your job is a good one. Be sure to add photos and/or video to really highlight the position. You can find tips here.

Our listing prices are all inclusive. We do not charge extra for items such as being promoted in our newsletter, being promoted on our social media network, full company profile page, etc.

Please let us know using our contact form here or call at 03-4589-9801

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