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Jobsinjapan.com is a job posting website showcasing employment opportunities from various companies. We are not a recruiter or staffing agency, so we cannot directly offer you employment.
Please look on the site for a job that you are interested in and apply. A few pieces of advice:

a. Create an online resume (or several depending on the job you want to apply to). Please note that you can apply to jobs using either your PDF file resume or the online resume.
b. Make sure your cover letter is customized for each employer that you make an application.
c.  Ensure that your resume and profile includes a photo.  While many job seekers find adding a photo to one’s application as unusual, or even discriminatory, this is a customary practice in Japan.  It will show employers that you understand Japanese work culture and procedures.

To apply to a job, you need to register and create a job seeker account; then just hit the apply button next to each job. You have the option to create and apply via online resume or apply via your own PDF/MS Word resume. Some employers set the “Apply” button to take you directly to their own website’s hiring page.

While we make every effort to gather a large amount of jobs in various categories, it is possible that we do not have a current job matching your skills and interests. Please check back, and set up “Job Alerts”, as there are new jobs uploaded continuously.

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