About Sesame Street English (東進こども英語塾)

Toshin Kodomo Eigo Juku established in 2010, franchises English Schools for children in Japan. Toshin created the English learning program “Sesame Street English” with the international educational media company Sesame Workshop. “Sesame Street English” is a multimedia English language learning program for children between the ages of 3 and 12. The program uses an internationally acclaimed methodology to introduce young children to English language learning in a fun and engaging way.


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Searching for one more job?
Sesame Street English is the best choice for you!

Working days and hours are up to your schedule.
Perfectly fits for additional job after ALT, preschool, etc.

Also, you can work as regular teacher, or as standby teacher to
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Features of Sesame Street English (Toshin Kids English School) 

  • Enjoy teaching English to children with “Sesame Street English” program which contains hundreds of official digital “Sesame Street” contents.
  • It includes videos, game apps, music, etc. which supports and makes lessons enjoyable for both students and teachers!
  • Detailed lesson guides are provided for each lesson, which enhance lesson quality and shortens your lesson preparation.
  • Large touch panel monitors are prepared at all schools, which keep students highly motivated and engaged throughout the lesson.
  • Lesson times are from 3pm to 8pm on weekdays. (School is open from the morning on weekends.)
  • Working days/hours are up to your schedule.

About Sesame Street English 

The goal of Sesame Street English is not to teach English as a subject, but to teach English as a language.

We employ an approach that incorporates a child’s development, and learning experiences to teach English in an actively enjoyable way.

To achieve our objective, math, science, and social studies are taught “in English”.

In addition, the “Home Review” system is provided to all students so they can watch lesson videos and PBS TV programs any time through internet at home.

SSE Curriculum

About “Toshin” and “Nagase Brothers Inc.”

The parent organization of Toshin network, Nagase Brothers Inc, is the leading education company listed on the JASDAQ.

Nagase has developed an Integrated Educational System to teach various subjects for all age ranges from infants to adults.

Nagase also acts as the global licensee for all Sesame Street English related products and services both in Japan and overseas, providing an English learning program to students around the world.


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    Japan, Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijōji-Minamichō1 Chome−29−2 ナガセ吉祥寺南町ビル


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