Web Open Systems Engineer

Yudai Humanity Co., Ltd.

Job Overview

  • 採用企業タイプ 人材紹介・派遣・委託
  • 業種 エンジニアリング, インフォメーションテクノロジー
  • 給与 ¥200,000 - ¥400,000 / 月
  • 英語レベル 特に必要無し
  • 日本語レベル ビジネスレベル
  • 国内の応募者に限定? 国内在住応募者のみ
  • ビザスポンサーシップ 条件により更新可能


If you are a foreign national, you must have at least 1 year of working experience in Japan and 2, pass the N2 Japanese language test and be able to speak Japanese smoothly.

Programming skills of some kind (Java, Python, PHP, C#, RPA, Excel VBA, etc.)
・Experience in developing and automating data analysis and editing tools
・English language skills, IT-related qualifications English language skills, IT-related qualifications

【Personality Requirements】
・Communication skills, cooperativeness, initiative, and positive attitude toward work
・Ability to cooperate and act in a collaborative manner


Web Open Systems Engineer

  1. SE
  2. PMO
  3. System development
  4. Tool development
  5. Technical support
  6. Helpdesk

We have a wide variety of projects in areas related to business systems such as banking, credit, insurance, EC, telecom carriers, ERP, etc. We will consider your wishes to the maximum extent possible, so please feel free to inquire at the time of interview or at other times!

Employment Status: Permanent and contract employees
Salary: Based on current annual salary, ability and experience
Trial period: 3 months (same benefits)
Overtime allowance (20 hours of overtime may be paid as a fixed amount, but any excess will be paid separately)
Late-night and holiday allowance Job allowance, position allowance
Commuting expense (fully paid)

Working hours: 9:00-18:00 (8 hours per day)
*Sometimes vary depending on the project.

Location: Many jobs are located in Tokyo, and we will discuss with the client company in consideration of the commute.


  • 2 days off per week (Sat. and Sun.)
  • National Holidays Year-end and New Year vacations
  • Annual paid vacations
  • Special vacations (marriage, childbirth of spouse, bereavement, etc.)
  • *Over 120 days off per year

Health insurance, unemployment insurance, and employee pension insurance

Training and welfare programs: Training for new employees
Support system for engineers: Congratulatory gifts for acquisition of qualifications, support for technical books, and assistance for technical training
Employee consultation service: Consultation service by professional counselors
Employee interaction: Employee interaction events are held about twice a year
Employee training: Business communication training is held about twice a year
Information security training is held E-learning system
Reward system for employee referrals
Birthday gift money






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