School Manager at an English School

Job Expired

Job Overview

  • 採用企業タイプ 人材紹介・派遣・委託
  • 業種 教育 / 講師
  • 給与 ¥3,050,000 - ¥4,160,000 / 年 (Monthly salary from 235,000 yen + various allowances + incentives)
  • 英語レベル 日常会話レベル
  • 日本語レベル 流暢
  • 国内の応募者に限定? 国内在住応募者のみ
  • ビザスポンサーシップ Yes


  • Experience in store management or assistant management (classroom manager, sales or restaurant manager, assistant manager, etc.)
  • PC skills (Word, Excel, e-mail)

These experience are advantageous:

  • Those who have experience of working or studying abroad and would like to work in English after returning to their home country.
  • Those who have worked in the English teaching industry and are not satisfied with the situation where customers are being left behind in sake of pursuit of performance quotas.
  • Candidates who have experience in the hospitality industry (English conversation school, cram school, restaurant, esthetic salon, hotel, convenience store, etc.).


  • Sales management, small account management, inventory control, and purchase requests
  • Training of part-time staff
  • Shift management for part time staffs
  • Regular meetings with instructor managers
  • Maintain school building, branding, and checks.
  • Collaboration with managers of the school operation department
  • Present monthly sales figures and prepare documents at the head office meeting


  • Assessment for salary increase twice a year (with opportunities for salary increases in summer and winter)
  • Bonus: Twice a year (depending on performance )*for employees after 2 years of service
  • Social insurance (employment, accident compensation, health, and pension)
  • Incentive (based on KPI)* paid after probationary period
  • Welfare expenses (¥20,000 per year )*paid after probationary period
  • Service pay (in increments of 5,000 yen per year, up to 25,000 yen per year,)
  • Qualification allowance (25,000 yen per year)
  • Health checkup (once a year)
  • Free rules in regards to dress/attire and hairstyle
  • Teleworking (depending on the situation)

Working hours

  • 8 hours per day (7 hours on Sundays)
  • 1 hour break
  • No required overtime
  • Work starts after 10:00 a.m.
  • Shortened working hours are available.
  • School hours :
  1. Monday - Friday / 13:00 - 22:00
  2. Saturday/10:00-19:00
  3. Sunday / 10:00-18:00


  • Annual holidays: 125 days
  • 2 days off per week (8 to 12 days off per month. Days off will be decided upon consultation based on the desired day of the week)
  • National holidays
  • Summer vacation
  • Paid vacations
  • Maternity leave (for both men and women)

  • This job has expired!
  • This job has expired!


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