Shop Manager – HealthyTOKYO CBD CAFE & SHOP Haneda Airport

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Job Overview

  • 採用企業タイプ 直接採用
  • 業種 食品 / 飲料
  • 給与 ¥350,000 / 月
  • 英語レベル 日常会話レベル
  • 日本語レベル 日常会話レベル
  • 国内の応募者に限定? 国内在住応募者のみ
  • ビザスポンサーシップ No


The job requires working in a team, serving and delighting customers with our all natural vegan food and drinks, preparation of drinks, salads and sandwiches and all of the operations that go with working in a food and beverage shop in the airport. Our staff are also properly consulting with customers who are interested in CBD products to help them select the right products for their needs.

You will be working with the management team to set goals and motivate the team to achieve targets.


Welcome to HealthyTOKYO, Japan’s CBD Pioneer and Vegan innovator. Established in Japan in 2011, we are a growing operation owned and operated by two foreigners who are passionate about our customers, employees, hand-crafted vegan food and premium CBD products.

We are looking for like-minded individuals to join our team to work in our HealthyTOKYO CBD Cafe & Shop in Haneda airport.

We currently have four shops throughout Tokyo and more on the way so there are opportunities for advancement as the company continues to grow.

Job Details

  • Manager position
  • Transportation costs covered by company
  • Free coffee and tea to drink during shifts
  • Staff discounts on products sold in shop

We believe in delighting our customers

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our minds as we develop, manufacture and serve our customers.

We believe in creating an enjoyable place to work

We believe in empowering our employees to create an environment that is enjoyable. Setting objectives that are challenging and achievable. Opinions are valued. Working together to make a difference. Happy and skilled employees promotes satisfied customers which in turn grows our business.

We enable healthy living in Japan

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle and making a contribution to the world. We are practical, not fanatical or judgmental. Everyone has their own personal definition of what is healthy for them. Our aim is to provide the best vegan food and CBD products available in Japan.

Why our cafes are Vegan?

We believe that eating fewer animals is better for our health, the environment and of course our furry and feathery friends. Serving tens of thousands of delicious vegan meals each year is one way we can have a positive impact on Japan. Most people don’t even know that our relaxing CBD drinks and sweets, famous lasagna, rich cakes, savory quiche, heart-warming paninis, super salads and scrumptious sandwiches are 100% vegan. We won’t tell them if you don’t.

About the Haneda Café

We are proud to be the first fully vegan café in Haneda Airport, the fifth most traveled airport in the world. We are actually the first fully vegan café in any Japanese airport. Our café has been born from our love for what we do, and we hope to be able to share this passion with you.

HealthyTOKYO Café & Shop is not only for those of you who are flying through Haneda airport, but for everyone who would like to explore the exciting world of vegan food. We are just twenty minutes away from Shinagawa station and a nice destination for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Located in Terminal 2 on the third floor and outside of security makes it an easy visit for travelers and non-travelers alike.

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Haneda Airport (HND), Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo, Japan

  • This job has expired!



HealthyTOKYO was established in 201... HealthyTOKYO
  • This job has expired!


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