(Podcast) Climbing the Ladder w/ Andy from Interac

This week I talk with Andy, a person that started as an ALT with Interac and has done much more through his many steps up the corporate ladder of the company. Thanks to Interac and

The Inside Japan Podcast: Eikaiwa Teacher to Interac to Opening a School – Tyson

Tyson drops in this week to talk about working hard (while being a manager at Interac in particular), why passing N1 doesn’t guarantee you anything, and his path to starting his own school. Enjoy. Right-Click

The Inside Japan Podcast: From Interac to Tech – Jordan

This week Jordan drops in to regale us with his tale of making the jump from Interac Teacher to his position in the Tech field.

Employer Interview – Link Interac sits down with Mr. Kevin Salthouse, Director at Link Interac Inc. which is Japan’s largest private provider of English teachers to the public school system.

4 Tips to Improve Demo Lesson Preparation

Getting ready for the dreaded demo lesson doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking experience. Follow these 4 simple tips to master the demo lesson and get the job!

How to make friends in Japan, even if you don’t speak Japanese

Is it difficult to make friends in Japan without speaking Japanese? It seems so, but it is actually not!

Dealing with noisy neighbors the Japanese way

Whether it’s dragging footsteps or loud music blasting at night, having noisy neighbors is never helpful in creating a happy living environment. If you’re facing this dilemma, we’ve got a few tips to handle the situation.

6 Unconventional Tips to Help You Nail That English Teaching Job Interview

Teaching English abroad is an incredible way to see the world, meet a wide range of people, as well as explore a career that changes the lives of others. However, the first step to embarking

What is Omakase dining?

Omakase is one of the best ways to indulge in decadently delicious Japanese cuisine.

20 Fun Things to do in Osaka

Known for food, a rough exterior and leopard print, Osaka is one of the most dynamic cities in Japan. From the classic Must-Do’s to insider exclusive spots, here are 20 fun things to do in Osaka.

8 Tips for starting at a Japanese school

Are you a new ALT in Japan? Learn the best ways to fit in and make a great first impression at your new school.

The responsibilities of being an English teacher in Japan

Teaching English in Japan requires much more than simply teaching grammar or vocabulary. Here we explain everything you need to know about being an English teacher in Japan.

What’s the proper etiquette when eating sushi?

Here we show you the etiquette to properly eat one of the most iconic Japanese dishes in the world: sushi.

Drinking with Coworkers in Japan: All About Nomikai

Drinking and sharing a meal with coworkers in Japan is an intrinsic part of Japanese work culture. Can a beer with the boss really help your career out, though?

A Glimpse Into the Holiday That Fosters Healthy Minds and Bodies

Catch a glimpse of the mini-Olympics held once a year in every municipality across Japan. And yes, the Sports Day looks very much like the anime versions, a day filled with cheer and competition. 

Dealing with Honne and Tatemae in Japan

Separating honne, one’s true feelings not revealed to others, and tatemae, the way of behaving and interacting with people in public, is a part of living in Japan. This can make it difficult to decipher what someone is really saying.

The Wide World of Katakana

Many learners think that katakana are all derived from English; however, katakana celebrate the multicultural early days of Japan.


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