• Quotes to Motivate, Entertain or use in the Classroom
    Staring out the New Year, we wanted to share some quotes with you that we have found to be motivating or interesting. If you are an English teacher, some of these quotes make fun study material and get the ball rolling in class (or fill up some time at the end when out of material).  These quotes work well in class as they are literal, universally understood or offer a look into the Western mindset. 
  • A look at the recruiting industry with Brad Corbet
    Have you ever thought about becoming a Headhunter or Recruiter?  Get a feeling for the industry with our interview with Bradly Corbet, a long time HR Professional, Recruiter and Japan resident.
  • Employer Interview - Link Interac sits down with Mr. Kevin Salthouse, Director, of Link Interac Inc., which employes more foreigners than any other company. Enjoy the interview.