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  • Jul 20, 2017 Teaching Special Needs Classes in Japan It might not be what you are expecting, but chances are you will be teaching a special needs class, or teaching students with special needs as […]
  • Jul 12, 2017 Working in Japan – Tell us what you really think? Talk to four foreigners about their work in Japan, and you will likely get five different answers. You have the newbies in the honeymoon stage, disgruntled […]
  • Jul 7, 2017 Technology in the English Classroom In most schools, technology in English classrooms in Japan is not employed properly to help students stay engaged and interested in the topic. Japan is well […]
  • Jul 2, 2017 Your career in Japan starts on a hill. Dispatch companies get a pretty bad reputation online. Go to almost any corner of the internet and you can find people complaining about this company or that company. Here is what you should do to improve your situation.