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Full-Time Native English Preschool Teacher
Berry English International Culture Centre
Sales & Marketing Intern
K. K. TSUNAGO / J-Global Institute of Collaboration
IT intern
K. K. TSUNAGO / J-Global Institute of Collaboration

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  • The Value of an Internship in Japan
    An internship with a Japanese company is a great way to gain international exposure and professional experience to your resume. Learn how to go about getting a "professional" internship in Japan.
  • Employer Interview: Tact Kodomomirai Co., Ltd.
    With over 1,300 schools, Tact Kodomomirai is a rapidly expanding employer in Japan that hires foreigners (both domestically and from abroad). sits down with James Gibson and Ryo Kaizu to discuss their more well-known schools called Kids Duo and WinBe to give you a better idea of what it is like to work there.
  • Employer Interview: ECC Co., Ltd. speaks with Derek Huber and Makiko Igarashi at ECC Co., Ltd., to talk about ECC CES (Children’s Education Section) which deals primarily with kindergarten visits and after-school visits (to kindergartens). ECC has 1,925 branches throughout Japan is the the largest contractor for kindergarten English lessons in Japan.
  • Are you the “Poster Boy” for your school or company?
    Companies and schools in Japan often treat their foreign employees, and students, like royalty-free models. Having smiling foreign staff make for great promotional material and you will invariably be called upon to have your photo taken. What should you do?