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What’s New At Jobs In Japan?

(Podcast) Turning Youtube Into a Job in Japan

Inside Japan Podcast This week I introduce my new cohost, Anming, and we go over how to make Youtube a job while...

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Life in Japan as a MEXT Scholarship student – what to expect

How to Japan

The MEXT scholarship is a great opportunity for foreign students, but you should know what’s coming. This article talks about...

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School for Sale – Beat Eikaiwa in Osaka

How to Japan, Starting a Language School, Employer Blog

Beat Eikaiwa was the brainchild of Peter Carter and Taeko Kashiwagi and was established in November 2007. It opened its...

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Get to Know Japan’s Coming of Age Day

Living in Japan

Kimonos, traditions, celebrations, salons, and drinking – the Coming of Age Day in Japan is a bustling holiday worth experiencing...

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Will Your Work-Life Balance Demand Discourage a Prospective Japanese Employer?

Working in Japan

In order to comprehend work-life balance in Japan, it is important to understand the historical context of overtime work and...

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(Podcast) Why you NEED to do an On-Demand Interview!

Inside Japan Podcast

This week I go over why you need to do an On-demand Interview on if you haven't already. Seriously....

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I’m an English Teacher and I’ve Just Lost My Job… Now What?

Working in Japan

If companies are reducing their number of teachers or closing locations, does that mean that teachers who have been let...

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Working Women in Japan: Is it Possible to “Have it All”?

How to Japan

Is it possible for working women in Japan to “have it all”? Some entrepreneurs and activists are working to make...

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The most in demand skills* in Japan

Working in Japan

In this age of ever accelerating automation and pervasiveness of AI, there are two ways you can approach this hot...

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How to Find a Job in Japan with a Recruiter

Working in Japan

Here you will find all you need to know about using a recruiter to find a job in Japan. If...

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(Podcast) The 2 Types of People that are MOST Successful in Japan

Inside Japan Podcast This week as the last show of the year I go through what I think are the two types...

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Hiring Red Flags – Part 1 (Pre-Interview)

Employer Blog

Have you ever made a bad hire? We all have. Before we begin, I would like you to answer this...

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