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A Key Resource for Foreigners to find Jobs in Japan.

Started in 1998, JobsinJapan.com has been a key resource for expats working in Japan and those wanting to work in Japan. With constantly updated jobs in all industries, we aim to provide the widest selection of employment opportunities on the face of the internet.

No really!

Our goal is usefulness for job seekers, and that is why we offer one of the most competitive and low rates for posting a job advertisement in Japan. We want a huge selection of jobs, and not just for the big companies but the little ones too.

Small to medium sized businesses, large corporations, or tiny schools with five employees – everyone can afford our rates and get qualified employees eyes on their job ad.

Company Profile

Company Name: Spectrum Consulting Japan LLC
President: Peter Lackner
Established: April 2010
Primary Bank: Tokyo Mistubishi UFJ Bank
Business Operations: Advertising site for employment
Registered Address: 3-2-4-402 Shiomidai, Isogo-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 235-0022
URL: https://jobsinjapan.com
Email: [email protected]

History of jobsinjapan.com

JobsinJapan.com was started in June of 1998 by American James Gibbs, who had been living and working in Japan in intermittently since 1985.

The initial idea to create a “guidebook” to living and working in Japan and James had compiled a lengthy list of 300-400 schools that had been hiring and found himself constantly making photo copies to give to newly arriving foreigners who were looking for work. Additionally hours would be spent in coffee shops, restaurants and over the phone explaining the ropes to new arrivals on what they needed to do for all sorts of things from finding a place to live, finding a job, getting a visa, socializing, local customs, etc.

In 1998, the 567-page Guide to Jobs in Japan was published receiving wide praise and scores of direct personal testimony from people saying the book was instrumental in finding their job in Japan and changing their lives.

James also took to the internet in 1998 creating www.jobsinJapan.com and moving all the information to the web. The job listings expanded and within a couple of years there were as many as 500 job listings on the site.

JobsinJapan.com was unique among major sources of job listings in that it was an entirely free service to use for employers and job seekers surviving only on paid banner advertising and then value-added listing for employers that wanted more exposure.

With job seekers and employers demanding more functionality, we compiled their advice and relaunched the site as you see it today.  Always free for the job seekers and reasonable……may we say “cheap”…..rates for our employers allowing for a wide variety of jobs.

Now some 20 years later, we are still focusing on our initial mission of helping foreigners find Jobs in Japan.

Time Line

1997     Guide to Jobs in Japan is compiled.
1998     Guide to Jobs in Japan is published in print form (569 pages). www.jobsinjapan.com is opened to promote the guide book.
1999     Free job listing service begins at jobsinjapan.com
2000     Y.K. Global Village Media is established
2004     Paid job listing section added to rotate above free listing section
2009     New site design with expanded listings and classifieds
2010     Overseas Office opened in the Philippines
2016     Site renewal with added functionality for job seekers and employers
2017     Jobsinjapan.com moved from Global Village Media to Spectrum Consulting Japan LLC

Office Address

Head office
3-2-4-402 Shiomidai
Isogo-ku, Yokohama,
Kanagawa 235-0022
Phone: 03-4589-9801

Tokyo Office
(c/o Global Village Media)
Yaesuguchi Bldg B2
1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028

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Tokyo Office
C/O Global Village Media
1-7-20-B2 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
[email protected]