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First Learning Oizumi Gakuen / 合同会社バンビーノワールド

About First Learning Oizumi Gakuen / 合同会社バンビーノワールド

“First Learning” is a pre-school which utilizes the No.1 early childhood education system in the U.S. The Creative Curriculum®: which assists our teachers to create a high-quality curriculum that meet the unique needs of children and their families.


“Our goal is to help children become enthusiastic learners.”

How to think, how to learn, how to create and how to develop balanced physical abilities necessary for the international information society depends on the experiences in the early childhood. These experiences are affected by good environments. “First Learning” provides high quality programs, caring for children in good environment with the strong support and network with the child care organizations. “First Learning” is proud to say all the staff are professionals trained through American Early Childhood training programs. “First Learning” respects other people, appreciates and values differences.

“Good environments encourage positive behavior.”

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