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For four decades, the AEON Corporation of Japan has been an innovator in the field of English education, offering exceptional classroom and internet opportunities to study and master the language. Founded in 1973, AEON has grown to become one of the largest and most respected private educational institutes of its kind, with more than 3,000 employees. Current student enrollment exceeds 80,000 in more than 250 branch schools located within every prefecture of Japan. AEON employs a teaching staff of over 500 teachers and education specialists from English-speaking nations.

The AEON Corporation of Japan offers language instruction in a variety of group and private classes to Japanese students of all ages.

The main focus of AEON is to help Japanese adults and children improve their conversational English ability. For adults, AEON offers opportunities for our students to improve their everyday conversational ability as well as more specialized courses designed for business English and standardized test preparation. For children, AEON Kids lessons are designed to make learning English fun, while at the same time providing our students with a strong conversational foundation for their future. The majority of teachers at AEON instruct both adults and children.

AEON Corporation specializes in providing English Educational service to students over the Internet and by telephone. 


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