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Located in the middle of Honshu, in the Mino River Valley, Gifu prefecture, you’ll find Izumi Chuo Kindergarten, a private, family owned and operated, Japanese kindergarten started over 50 years ago by Ryukyo Asano, a Buddhist monk, who wanted to offer a safe and gentle place to learn for the children in his area. Throughout the years, our kindergarten has evolved into a place where children are allowed to explore and experience nature, art, music and sports. Interacting with nature, our inquisitive students learn about the life cycles of plants, animals and insects. Our special events help them to understand and demonstrate cooperation, self-discipline, resilience and self-awareness. We treasure our ability to provide our students with a safe and stimulating environment in which they can learn, thrive and grow. Currently, our school has over 360 students ranging in age from 3-6 years old.


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  • 住所 2-34 Kitauzura Gifu city
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    2-34 Kitauzura Gifu city


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