About J-Global K.K.

J-Global is a fast-growing learning and development solutions provider. We help companies unlock their potential to operate effectively in a mixed Japanese/Global business environment by introducing a new and better way of doing business that combines the most successful elements of both working styles. Join our forward-looking, fast-moving, multi-cultural team and help both Japan and the world learn to grow and prosper.

J-Global Solutions include:

Live Learning

A suite of active learning face-to-face programs and webinars that help companies master key J-Global skills and practices.

Digital Learning

Micro-learning and other digital learning programs that let learners personalize learning at the most convenient time and place.

Team Talent

Our unique approach to global HR management that provides clients with a flexible team of specialists that can solve complex cross-cultural learning, staff development and HR management issues.

Learning Systems

Helping companies plan and deploy leading-edge Learning Management Systems, making their learning and employee management systems more efficient and globally aligned.



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