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About LUCREA, Inc.

LUCREA, Inc., is the only entity that provides multidisciplinary services for children with developmental delays and/or neurological differences for the native and foreign communities in Tokyo. LUCREA has relationships with many international schools in Tokyo and has been working with many diplomatic families for years. We provide individual and tailored educational support for children exhibiting delays in various developmental areas that are not only speech and language but also behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and motor development, as well as academics

“We believe in a child-centered and holistic approach in order to actualize personalized treatment which flourish each unique individual learner’s behavioral, emotional, cognitive, social, and educational development.

Our fundamental goal is to provide early intervention and educational support for children exhibiting delays in order to improve self-reliance and quality of life. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals including BCBA, PT, OT, ST/SLP, ABA therapists, and Special Education specialists. We aim to offer services to assist children with the utmost care and consideration. We work to broaden the understanding of these types of issues and adapt to our ever-changing environment by providing hybridized online services whilst still aiming for balanced motor and cognitive-focused learning. We do this within the context of our broader goals of providing education, enrichment, and advocacy for the promotion of a more inclusive society that respects human rights.



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