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About Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd.

Specialized Industries/Fields

  • Afterschool supplementary study facilities (Cram Schools)
  • Examination Preparation Centers
  • Afterschool care facilities (including Meiko Kids e)
  • English as a Second Language Schools
  • Children’s Soccer Schools


About the Company

Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd. operates oldest and largest network of cram schools in Japan and has been providing quality education support services for over 36 years. The company also provides many different educational services to students at a variety of levels. Meiko Kids e is the company’s newest venture into afterschool English immersion programs for children and is actively seeking energetic, passionate, and professional team members to provide children with the best English language learning experience in an environment that they can consider a second home.

For more information about Meiko Kids e, please visit our website:

For more information about our operating company Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd., please see the following page:

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