About Osaka Language Academy

We (Osaka Language Academy) believe everyone is different, learn differently, have different needs and understanding these is so important to us as a school.

Being a teacher with us means YOU are the most important thing to us, after all if we do not have teachers, we do not have students.

We are located in Higashimikuni teaching all ages from 3 upwards, through to businessmen and retired.

We offer face to face lessons and since Coronavirus entered our world we have students who are online, or a mix of both depending on the situation.

We are a foreign owned family run school with 150-200 weekly students learning from our team in a freer working environment, with a real focus on communication between team members and providing a pleasant working atmosphere with weekly team meetings.

Osaka Language Academy was founded in 2004 and has grown from 4 students to over 150,  and its all down to having the right team team members who understand the schools core philosophy, we are all different and that is ok!



Osaka Language Academy has 1 job available


  • 合計求人数 1 Jobs
  • 住所 Japan, Osaka, Yodogawa Ward, Higashimikuni, 1 Chome−サンサン
  • 業種 教育、講師
  • 勤務地

    Japan, Osaka, Yodogawa Ward, Higashimikuni, 1 Chome−サンサン


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