About Oshaberi Eikaiwa Kyoshitsu

Oshaberi Eikaiwa Kyoshitsu (OEK) – an independent English Conversation school founded in 1987 .We are located between Tokyo and Nagoya, near the ocean and about 30 minutes from downtown Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
We have a great reputation as a language center and our staff of 6 like to think we make a difference. “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – W. B. Yeats

Our teachers enjoy teaching a diverse range of ages and language abilities. From phonics with word building skills and sightword reading programs  incorporated into our ESL programs for our children to a diverse range of adult classes.

We have stayed relevant with our success been due to so many creative and wonderful teachers and managers, dedicated to providing our students with the best ESL lessons in the best environment that we can provide. Our 2 schools, located near each other, are renovated houses off the main road chosen because they are also constructed of tatami, paper and wood. Learning a foreign language as we know is a long journey for our students and we believe that we can and do make a difference by personalizing our small classes in creating language outcomes. As we know a positive learning experience brings greater rewards for both teachers and students and the overall well-being of the whole school. Key words would be respect, recognition, celebrating differences, growth, curiosity, awareness and encouragement. At OEK we don’t take our teachers for granted. We all want to work in a great school with a great reputation and we are now the biggest private ESL school in Shizuoka city.


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  • 住所 Umegaoka 3-12, Shimizu Ku
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    Umegaoka 3-12, Shimizu Ku


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