About SPS Cigaronne LLC

SPS Cigaronne, founded in 1999 in Yerevan, Armenia, is a privately held company that engages in the production and sales of high-quality cigarettes. Cigaronne has made technologically significant advancements to the cigarette industry, which are protected under international patent law.

 The company’s foundation is based on the principle of challenging the status quo; exceeding the standards of cigarette production in terms of quality, hygiene, and original design. The parent company of SPS Cigaronne is Cigaronne International LTD, located in London, UK.

In 2000 SPS Cigaronne introduced its new brand of cigarettes with a unique Hollow Filter, which was made with tobacco acquired from premium plantations around the world.

Since its establishment, SPS Cigaronne has been cooperating with some of the world’s leading commercial and industrial organizations, in order to obtain raw materials and custom-made manufacturing and laboratory equipment to ensure a smooth production process.



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