STATSCORE is a Polish sports data company with headquarters in Katowice, Poland. STATSCORE provides sports statistics, data and live match information to sports organizations, leagues, media outlets, and broadcasters.

The company was founded as softnetSPORT in January 2006 in Katowice by Tomasz Myalski. STATSCORE’s products include sports widgets, live trackers, sports data visualizations, minisites, and data feeds.

STATSCORE’s data solutions currently cover 29 sports and over 10,000 sports competitions from all over the world, including soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, futsal and ski jumping. The company also provides data for e-sports, such as League of Legends, Counter Strike, Dota 2. STATSCORE employs teams of professional scouts responsible for collecting live data from sporting events held around the world.

Through our passion, optimism, consistency, continuous self-development and teamwork, we are collecting, organizing and delivering high-quality sports data. We HELP sport enthusiasts, sports, media and betting organizations achieve their goals, by giving them an opportunity to sell, buy and use sports data in various forms. We connect people through what we do, and create a better world for sport, every single day!


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