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Job Overview

  • 採用企業タイプ 人材紹介・派遣・委託
  • 業種 インフォメーションテクノロジー, インターネット
  • Salary 5 million yen ~ 10 million yen 日本円 /年
  • 英語レベル ビジネスレベル
  • 日本語レベル 日常会話レベル
  • 国内の応募者に限定? 国内在住応募者のみ
  • ビザスポンサーシップ Yes

【About the company …】

The company is a startup company just established in May 2019.
Sale and purchase of virtual currency “Bitcoin” distributed on the Internet and use of Bitcoin. Is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a group, which operates a comprehensive platform for the Internet.
[Business description]
Planning, design, development and operation management of Web services and applications utilizing blockchain technology
Planning, design, development and operation management

【 Job Description 】

In order to realize the social implementation of blockchains, the company is developing our own blockchains as well as developing applications using blockchains. They are planning to release a mobile application that uses their original blockchain to strengthen the service, and they are looking for an engineer who can develop and release a mobile application from scratch. In addition, they are looking for people who can also promote the launch of the mobile application development team.

【In particular】
・Selection/introduction of mobile application development technology
・Development of mobile applications
・Establishment of the mobile application development team

[How to proceed]
Individuals work voluntarily while cooperating with each other in a team of members of various nationalities. The style of development is Agile development using Scrum. Communication between members is conducted in English.

【 Requirements 】

■Required skills/experience

*Available with either iOS/Android experience. Experience with native apps other than games is required *

・5+ years experience developing and releasing mobile apps from scratch
・Experience in technology selection/introduction for mobile application development
・High programming ability to solve various problems in mobile application development by individuals and develop their own products
・For iOS, development experience with Swift
・For Android, development experience with Kotlin or Java
・Experience promoting development while maintaining proper communication with back-end engineers and designers
・Communication ability in English (Japanese ability is not required)

[Welcome skills and experience]
・UI/UX design experience for mobile apps
・ Native library development experience (especially for those who have experience with C++)
・Mobile application development team management experience
・Mobile application development vendor management experience
・Knowledge about blockchain
・Knowledge about network, security, encryption, etc.
・DevOps knowledge and experience
・Agile development experience

[People seeking]
・A person who can work together while communicating as a team
・ Those who have the ability to adapt to changes, those who can promote business autonomously, those who have a startup mind
・Those who are interested in learning new technologies and can use them as needed
・A person who has a goal and is passionate about aiming to achieve the mission
・A person who has the ability to execute to achieve the goal. Those who set specific numerical targets and do their best to reach them


【 Working time 】

Flextime ( Core time: 10:00~16:00 )

【 Welfare 】

Full Social Insurance, Commuting Allowance), Housing Allowance), Medical Checkup, Preferred PC

【 Holiday 】
2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday)

  •  Holidays
  •  Vacation
  • New Year holiday
  • Paid leave
  • This job has expired!
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  • This job has expired!

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