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Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Information Technology, Internet
  • Salary ¥700 - ¥2,000 / Year
  • English Level Not necessary
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Requirements

・3+ years of work experience as a data scientist / research scientist / researcher
・Understand the fundamentals of statistical mathematics and data analysis, and be able to complete a series of data analysis/model building.
・Understand the basic algorithms and data structures of the language and be able to code appropriately.
・Able to make business decisions and solve problems as an independent professional in most cases, while thinking and setting practical issues on your own and working independently.
・Experience in practical development using deep learning frameworks such as pytorch, tesorflow, etc.
・Experience in practical development of image analysis or natural language processing technologies using deep learning
・Master's degree or equivalent experience in mathematical statistics/management engineering/information and communication sciences
・Knowledge of image generation techniques such as diffusion probability models
・Knowledge of gradient boosting, including light GBM
・Basic knowledge of causal inference・Business understanding of online advertising
・Experience with data analysis competitions such as Kaggle
・Experience in submitting papers to international conferences and English journals
・PhD related to mathematical statistics/managerial engineering/information and communication sciences

Job Description

【About the company ...】

■"AI domain," which uses AI technology to optimize advertising operations to the ultimate level.From R&D of AI in advertising to the implementation of products.Specifically, development of products that use AI to automatically optimize bidding and allocation among media for managed advertising, and prediction and automatic generation of advertising creative (copy, banners, etc.) effects are some examples.Offer unique products and technologies to the advertising industry, developed from full scratch from the AI engine to the application.
■"Marketing DX area" to create new value in the consumer interface marketThrough the evolution of technology, the company seeks to create and provide new value as a "consumer interface market" by understanding the needs of individual consumers, including their life issues, family issues, and the social issues that lie behind these issues.Based on the premise of developing and providing services necessary for consumers, engineers join with sales and marketing staff to design services, and conducts all in-house production, including the development of web applications, smartphone applications, LINE mini-applications, desktop applications, etc., as well as authentication infrastructure and library development across services, infrastructure construction, and maintenance and operation.
■"Media DX Domain": Realization of "AaaS," a next-generation model for the advertising media businessThe Group is promoting innovation in the advertising domain under its "Advertising as a Service (AaaS)," a next-generation model for the advertising media business, as the DX of the advertising industry.The Group aims to "transform advertising into a service" by moving away from the traditional business of selling "ad spaces" to a business that sells "effectiveness," the contribution to the advertiser's business, through the use of data, systems, algorithms, and human resources.
■"Information Systems Area" to promote the renewal of the Group's IT infrastructure and core systemsResponsible for the provision and maintenance of the IT environment, including the company group's business support, accounting, and other core systems, PCs used in business operations, smartphones, networks, and various communication tools, as well as the promotion of group IT governance, including information security measures. They are currently working with a sense of speed on the reforms that will support the growth of the group.

【 Job Description 】

■Research and development of ad-creation generation technology using state-of-the-art natural language processing and image processing technologies, such as Transformer and BERT.In the advertising industry, the creation of ad creations and the management of created ads have traditionally been done manually, but with the recent development of AI and machine learning technologies, these tasks are being automated at a high pace. "negocia" is looking for a person who will be responsible for the research and development of machine learning algorithms that will be the core of creating ad creations and automating ad operations.Specifically, you will develop technologies for evaluating and generating ad creations. In the evaluation technology of ad creations, you will develop technology to predict the most effective ad creations in the future based on actual data from past deliveries. In the area of ad creation generation technology, you will be engaged in the development of technology for generating attractive and diverse ad text, extraction and placement of ad image materials, and automatic generation technology using a spread probability model.
■Contribution to the Academic WorldThose who have achieved excellent research and development results will have opportunities to present and participate in academic conferences both in Japan and overseas. They are also promoting joint research with universities, and would like to work with those who wish to be involved in cutting-edge research from a position close to practical work.


【 Working time 】

Flextime System

【 Welfare 】

■Welfare・Commuting allowance (up to 150,000 yen)・Best Place to Work (Remote work available)・Remote environment allowance (5,000 yen/month)・Secondary employment system is available・Subsidies for books, certifications, etc.・Company defined contribution pension plan・Insurance: unemployment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, employee pension, and health insurance・Original health care solution to be introduced for mental/stress checks■Holidays / Vavations・125 days per year・2 days off per week (Sat. and Sun.), national holidays・Year-end and New Year vacations (December 29-January 3)・Paid leave・Maximum of 30 days + 7 days of special leave (1 plastic leave per month)・Granted from the date of hire/set individually depending on the month of hire・Special vacation (free vacation twice a year: 5 consecutive working days off)・Celebration or condolence leave, maternity/childcare leave, nursing care leave, other system


Taitō, Tokyo, Japan

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Company Profile

Recruitment Agency for Foreign IT talents in Japan G Talentは、ビジネス特化型オンライン英会話のビズメイツが運営する日本に住む外国人IT人材やバイリンガル日本人向けの人材紹介サービスです。サービス名の “G” は “Global” を意味し、国籍を超えた多様な人材(Talent)が日本国内で活躍できるよう転職を支援いたします。 G Talent は、今よりもっと多くの外国人ITプロフェッショナルやバイリンガル日本人が活躍できる場を提供することを通じて、企業の成長並びに日本経済の発展に貢献してまいります。 グローバルに活躍を目指す日本企業への転職を希望する方、ぜひお問い合わせをお待ちしております。 G Talent is an IT recruitment service for foreign IT talents and Japanese bilingual operated by Bizmates,... read more about G Talent at Bizmates, Inc.
  • This job has expired!

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