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Yudai Humanity Co., Ltd.
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Job Overview

  • Industry Information Technology
  • Salary ¥210,000 / Month (Monthly salary of 210,000 yen or more + 100% overtime allowance + bonus twice a year (2.6 months in the current fiscal year)
  • English Level Not necessary
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Future possibility / Renewal

Job Requirements


■Experienced working professionals<No experience, new graduates welcome! >
Good with computers and smartphones
Good at group work
◎Want to find a career that suits you, such as management or specialized skills
◎Experience as a leader or in management in the past (*Size and number of years are not required)
◎I am interested in leadership and team management roles and would like to take on this challenge
◎Experience in the financial or logistics industry
◎Experience in IT related positions
◎Beginning to study IT

We are looking for people who want to make their debut in the IT industry.


Job Description

Test Engineer

◎Starting with no experience, this is a job that will make your hands full.
The main task is to check the operation of games and websites. Your role is to make sure that there are no defects in the products and services that will be released to the world. Specifically, you will be asked questions such as "Is it okay to receive an incoming call while playing a game? Can you type an e-mail while listening to music? and "Can I type an e-mail while listening to music? At first glance, this may seem difficult, but all you have to do is to follow the manual. Sometimes, we find bugs from the user's point of view, which helps us to further brush up our services. Moreover, 90% of our employees started with no experience, so this is the perfect opportunity for those who want to develop their skills and acquire specialized skills.

<Example of project>

  • Quality verification of services that we have opportunities to use in our daily life.
  • Games (social, action, puzzle, etc.)
  • Video distribution applications
  • Products utilizing the latest technologies such as AI and automated driving
  • Payment applications
  • Point card applications
  • Reservation applications
  • In-house services (PROLINK/GATE)


■Monthly Salary 210,000 yen

Monthly salary of 210,000 yen or more + 100% overtime allowance + bonus twice a year (2.6 months in the current fiscal year)
Salary increases and promotions are based on job category and responsibility.
Salary will be determined based on ability and experience.

Annual holidays: 127 days2 days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays)
■Summer vacation (5 days)
■Year-end and New Year vacations (4 days)
■Paid vacations
■Ceremonial leave
■Maternity/paternity/nursing care leave
■Maternity, childcare, and nursing care leave
■Substitution holidays



  • This job has expired!

Company Information

Company Profile

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  • This job has expired!

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