Backend Engineer(Java)~ 4M-9M, engineering workshops available, flextime system


Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Internet
  • Salary ¥4,000,000 - ¥9,000,000 / Year (月収33万円~75万円 ※年収額は賞与含む。 ※30時間分の固定時間外手当を含む。)
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Requirements

  • At least 3 years of experience in backend development using Java
  • Knowledge of Springboot
  • API related development experience
  • Basic knowledge of CI/CD
  • Basic knowledge of CI/CD
  • Basic to intermediate level of Japanese language

Welcome Skills

  • Familiarity with frameworks such as SpringBoot, Dubbo, ZK, etc.
  • Experience in large-scale product development
  • Basic knowledge of CI/CD
  • Familiarity with WebApp and Hybrid APP (JavaScript)
  • Familiarity with common NoSQL solutions such as Redis
  • Understanding of microservices architecture (SpringCloud)
  • Knowledge and understanding of security in backend development


  • Javaを使ったバックエンドの開発経験 3年以上
  • Springbootの知見
  • API関連の開発経験
  • CI/CDの基本的な知識
  • 日本語ビジネス初級~中級レベル以上


  • SpringBoot、Dubbo、ZKなどのフレームワークに精通している
  • 大規模プロダクトの開発経験がある方
  • CI/CDの基本的な知識がある
  • WebApp及びハイブリッドAPP(JavaScript)の知見
  • Redisなどの一般的なNoSQLソリューションの知見
  • マイクロサービスアーキテクチャへの理解(SpringCloud)
  • バックエンド開発におけるセキュリティに関する知識や理解

Job Description

The successful candidate will be responsible for the upstream process of application development in accordance with the specifications required by the product department of the new healthcare business.

Assigned to: Technology & Product Division, Technology Department

Specific Job Description

  • Participate in the design of key modules and their development and implementation
  • Participate in the development and design of the project's core code
  • Stability of the core system
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Design of system architecture
  • Refactoring and optimization
  • Design of interfaces between products, etc.
  • Participate in the development of related technical issues and measures to address them, and continuously improve core system processing performance as the product's business scale expands.

However, we will first ask you about your past experience and what you would like to do in the future at the interview, and then we will consider roles in which you may be able to play an active role!

*Site for engineers:

配属先:テクノロジー&プロダクト本部 技術部




  • 主要なモジュールの設計に参加し、それらの開発および実装
  • プロジェクトのコアコードの開発と設計に参加
  • コアシステムの安定性
  • パフォーマンスの監視
  • パフォーマンスの最適化
  • システムアーキテクチャの設計
  • リファクタリング、最適化
  • 製品間のインターフェースの設計など
  • 関連する技術的課題と対処施策の策定に参加し、プロダクトの事業規模拡大に合わせたコアシステムの処理パフォーマンスを継続的に改善





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