Front end Engineer ~ 5M-8M Yen/Yr, Overseas applications OK


Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Internet
  • Salary ¥5,000,000 - ¥8,000,000 / Year
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Overseas applicants allowed
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Requirements


・フロントエンドの開発実務経験 目安5年以上~











Job Description

The successful applicant will be responsible for overall development work from service planning/design to actual coding. This service is still in its infancy, so we are looking for people who have the mindset to work together to scale the service!

Job Description

  • Design of website or application design, functionality, and usability
  • Front-end entities using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Responsive design implementation
  • Improve user experience (UX)
  • Optimize viewer behavior and performance
  • Implementation of API communication with the backend, etc.

■ Team Composition

Team composition: 40 (30 in the Philippines/10 in Japan)

There are 10 engineers working in Japan, including 7 foreign nationals. There are times when both English and Japanese are used, but there is no problem if you are not allergic to English, as there is a system in place for other team members to follow up on English.

We would like you to take the initiative in communicating requirements correctly to the Philippine development members while working with your hands, and to show leadership to the team by giving instructions from the design stage, conducting reviews, and so on.

In addition, as we increase the number of development members in Japan and expand the scope of development, you can eventually aim for a technical specialist or manager position.

We would like you to lead the development team technically first, but we would also like to hear about the future career you are aiming for.

■ Wages

Estimated monthly income:
416,000-666,000 yen per year
■Salary range: Annual salary system *Salary amount will be determined based on your experience and skills.
■Overtime allowance: Available (40 hours of fixed overtime)
*Company-wide average actual overtime hours: approximately 20 hours
*117,360 yen for an annual salary of 6 million yen
■Commuting allowance: Available (paid in accordance with company regulations)




・HTML、CSS、JavaScript を使用したフロントエンド エンティティ
・バックエンドとのAPI通信の実装 など









41.6万円~66.6万円 ■給与形態:年俸制 ※給与額は、ご経験・スキルを考慮して決定いたします。 ■残業手当:あり(固定残業代40時間分) ※全社平均残業時間実績20時間程度 ※年俸600万円の場合は117,360円 ■通勤手当:あり(会社規定に基づき支給)



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