Golf Course Booking Agent (Bilingual Customer Support)|ゴルフ場予約エージェント

AIR Golf Media Inc.

Job Overview

  • Employer Type Direct Hire
  • Industry Arts / Entertainment / Recreation, Tourism / Travel / Hospitality
  • Salary ¥300,000 / Month
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Future possibility / Renewal

Job Requirements

  • Bilingual in Japanese and English
  • Experience with customer support and bookings
  • Strong communication skills
  • Detail-oriented and diligent
  • Proficient in using Spreadsheets and CRMs (e.g., ZOHO)
  • Passion for golf and knowledge of golf courses in Japan
  • Travel Agency experience is a big plus


  • 日本語と英語のバイリンガル
  • カスタマーサポートおよび予約の経験
  • 強いコミュニケーションスキル
  • 細部に注意を払う能力
  • スプレッドシートおよびCRM(例:ZOHO)の使用に熟練
  • ゴルフに対する情熱と日本のゴルフ場の知識
  • 旅行代理店での経験は大きなプラス

Job Description

Golf Course Booking Agent / Bilingual Customer Support

We are a growing company in the luxury tourism and golf sector with a long history, seeking a Bilingual Customer Support specialist for Golf Course Bookings for our dynamic team. Our team, composed of native Japanese and native English speakers, handles inquiries from English-speaking golfers, primarily foreign tourists visiting Japan, and facilitates their bookings with Japanese golf courses.

The role involves setting the Tee Times at Japanese golf courses, making reservations via phone and email in Japanese, and providing detailed support and advice in English to foreign golf tourists. This position requires strong communication skills, attention to detail, and a good understanding of golf. Experience in travel/tourism or a personal passion for travel is a plus.

Job Description:

  • Handle inquiries from English-speaking golfers via email, phone, and the website (
  • Make reservations at Japanese golf courses by calling and emailing in Japanese
  • Use Japanese websites for booking and gathering information
  • Explain rules and conditions to English-speaking customers
  • Provide advice and support in English, helping customers navigate logistics
  • Use Spreadsheets and CRMs for company records
  • Build a mental database of golf courses in Japan to recommend the best options for customers
  • Support the logistics of travel for golf tourists
  • Promote golf tourism and participate in creating content for websites and social media

We offer a "white glove" concierge service, acting as a liaison between foreign golf tourists and Japanese golf courses. As a small but rapidly growing company, there is much room for career growth and expansion into other responsibilities within the company. We also offer rental clubs, golf tournaments, golf tourism promotion, and opportunities to create golf-related content.

If you are passionate about golf and providing top-notch customer support, we would love to hear from you!



ゴルフ場予約エージェント / バイリンガルカスタマーサポート

仕事内容: 当社は、高級観光およびゴルフ分野で長い歴史を持ちつつ、成長中の企業です。情熱的なゴルフ場予約エージェント / バイリンガルカスタマーサポートスペシャリストを募集しています。当社のチームは、主に日本を訪れる外国人観光客である英語を話すゴルファーからの問い合わせを処理する日本語と英語のバイリンガルメンバーで構成されています。



  • 電話、メール、ウェブサイトを通じて英語を話すゴルファーからの問い合わせに対応
  • 日本のゴルフ場への電話およびメールでの予約
  • 予約および情報収集のために日本のウェブサイトを使用
  • 英語を話すお客様にルールや条件を説明
  • ロジスティクスをナビゲートするためのアドバイスとサポートを英語で提供
  • スプレッドシートおよびCRMを使用して会社の記録を管理
  • お客様に最適なゴルフ場を推薦するための日本のゴルフ場の知識を蓄積
  • ゴルフ観光客の旅行ロジスティクスをサポート
  • ゴルフ観光を促進し、ウェブサイトやソーシャルメディア向けのコンテンツ作成に参加




2 Chome Atago, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

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AIR Golf Media is a modern marketing and consultancy group with extensive experience within the golf and tourism sectors, providing detailed insights to positively impact brands, destinations, and service providers both in and outside of... read more about AIR Golf Media Inc.
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