Application development engineer

Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Information Technology
  • Salary 4 - 9 million JPY / Year 賞与あり
  • English Level Not necessary
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Overseas applicants allowed
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Description

As an SE focused on upstream processes, we will entrust you with understanding customer needs, system proposals, and consulting.

Main work includes meetings with clients, upstream design, process management, quality control, system test specification creation and acceptance tests.
You will be totally in charge of upstream process operations such as grasping needs with clients and matching specifications, process management for development bases in China, and checking of deliverables.
Basically, 80% of the work is done with clients rather than the head office.

In the future, as a manager, you will be asked to sort out market trends, competitive situations, and issues in order to improve client operations and productivity, and propose even higher quality solutions.


・ Development experience in development languages such as Java and PHP as an application development engineer
(Experienced in upstream design, experience in mobile development) or experience in business system development in Open system

* For foreign nationals, Japanese at a business level (equivalent to N1)

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Company Information
Company Profile
私たち、株式会社雄大ヒューマニティーは、日本で言われてきた『三方よし』の考え方を大切に、“海外国籍(外国人)の人材の確保や教育を考えられている企業様”“日本で働きたいとお考えられている海外の方々”それぞれに、適切なソリューションを提供しております。 Recruitment 『外国人人材紹介』 企業様には、海外国籍(外国人)の方々を、海外の方には日本の企業様をご紹介致します。海外国籍(外国人)の方を採用する際は、まず取得、在留資格や在留期間を確認する必要があります。日本人を雇用するときとは違う手続きがございますので、そのサポートを行います。... Read more >
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