Web Application Engineer / Full-Flextime / Remote Work (Come to office once a week)

G Talent at Bizmates, Inc.

Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Information Technology, Internet
  • Salary 5 million yen ~ 9 million yen JPY / Year
  • English Level Not necessary
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

【About the company …】

The company’s mission is to ” Passion is the key to a sustainable economy.”
They support people who are passionate about their own specialties, skills, and outstanding individuality, and support their personal challenges.

They are trying to realize this mission by “providing a platform for service sales”.
This service allows users to easily create a website with functions such as service site creation, reservation, and payment using a smartphone.
Through the company’s platform, anyone can sell their services online and offline, and it is currently used by 30,000 businesses and more than 200 professionals.
In today’s society where individuals are searching for new ways to work, the business is expanding rapidly, matching the social trends.

<Examples of Occupations>
Fitness trainer, yoga instructor, eye list, manicurist, therapist, musician, professional athlete, comedian, etc.

The company’s platform is a place where each individual can express his or her passion and refinement as a unique service, and through this platform, they support the self-realization of individuals.

【 Job Description 】

In this position, you will be responsible for the development of in-house applications while giving top priority to improving the user experience.

The goal of their own application is to make it intuitive even for people who have not had much experience with web services. In order to achieve this, UI/UX must be considered first, and the product must be sophisticated. You will work as a team to create the service while keeping the service concept in mind.
As they are still a small team, they have no intention of limiting the responsibilities of individuals based on their abilities. This is why they use the job title “Web Application Engineer” so broadly.
You can work as a full stack or focus on one position. They offer a variety of development opportunities based on your current skills, challenges, and development status.

■Technology Stack
<Development Environment / Languages>
– Server side: Python / Rust
– Front-end: JavaScript / TypeScript / Angular
– Infrastructure: AWS
– Database: Amazon DynamoDB
– Tools: Slack / GitHub / CircleCI

【 Requirements 】

・Experience in front-end or back-end development of web applications
・Experience developing services in a team environment
・Experience in in-house development at a business company
・Experience working for a start-up company

・Experience in a project management or lead position
・Experience developing services that prioritize improving the user experience
・Experience in front-end development using TypeScript / Angular / Vue.js
・Experience in server-side development using Python

【Ideal Applicants】
Those who share the company’s mission of “Passion is the key to a sustainable economy” and who have an orientation in line with the action guidelines based on the following values

・Able to value the accumulation of small achievements.
・Able to tackle challenges with flexible and bold ideas without being bound by stereotypes and assumptions.
・Value dialogue with colleagues for better work.
・Able to focus on the initial speed and results of what you have decided to do
・Enjoy respecting the individuality of colleagues and working as a team to achieve results.
・Able to drive development from a product-first perspective rather than a technical one


【 Working time 】

Flextime System

【 Welfare 】

Full Social Insurance
・Stock Option
・Commuting Allowance
・Lending of PCs for business use
・Books allowance
・Seminar and study meeting allowance.
・SO system (to be introduced)

【 Holiday 】
・Full holiday 2 day system (Saturday / Sunday) holidays
・New Year holidays
・Summer Holiday
・Annual paid leave
・Congratulations & Condolence Leave
・Maternity leave

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