Facial/Body Esthetician Cosmetic Salon Women’s Beauty Department – Overseas Sales Position (Foreigners welcome to apply)


Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Service Industry
  • Salary ¥3,500,000 / Year
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Conversational Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Requirements

■ Essential requirements:
・English proficiency (speaking ability required / TOEIC (R) test score of 700 or higher)

■ Welcome skills:
・Those who have experience as an esthetician, beautician, beauty staff, etc.
・People with sales experience
​​​​​​​・Chinese speaker

Job Description

■ Position overview:
◇Our company, which boasts the top share of the domestic market for beauty equipment, is looking for a person to be in charge of handling beauty equipment, follow-up training, and consulting sales for salons to promote overseas business development, mainly in Southeast Asia.
◇ You will mainly be in charge of instruction work (instruct on how to operate the equipment, hair removal knowledge/technical training, support for salons who have introduced it, office work, etc.) for overseas customers who are introducing hair removal and slimming equipment.
◇ You will be responsible for demonstrating, selling, and following up on beauty equipment inquiries and making proposals in order to expand customer sales and acquire repeat customers.
◇ This position supports not only product introduction but also overall management.

■ Work Contents:
◇ Handle training and follow-up training for salons
◇ Follow-up for with salons (response to questions by e-mail or telephone, create materials)
◇ Knowledge and technical instruction, management consultation
◇ Hold Regular training course
◇ Overall store business promotion/event
◇ Creation of education and training manuals

■ Education system/Professional Development:
Technical/knowledge training, counseling training, monthly training, step-up training, chief training, executive training, life philosophy training, paid external training, achievement training, etc.

■ Working environment:
◇ We respect the privacy of our employees, not only in this position, but in a corporate culture that does not mandate unnecessary overtime. We also recommend going straight home, and sales staff usually work 10 to 20 hours of overtime per month.
◇ In addition, our company has the idea of ​​"employing women who can work for the rest of their lives", so it is an environment where you can discuss anything about working styles and career paths as women.

■ Features/Attributes of our company and products:
◇ We are developing businesses such as beauty equipment, beauty consulting, beauty salon management, etc. We are consistently doing everything from development to sales of commercial beauty hair removal machines in Japan.
◇ Our company's  hair removal device "BYMACH", which boasts a transaction record of over 2000 companies, is a product that enables full-body hair removal in 15 minutes at a maximum irradiation speed of 1 shot per 0.1 seconds.
◇ We have our own technical and maintenance departments, and maintenance is performed by professional staff who are familiar with our products. This high level of product appeal and thorough post-implementation follow-up system are strengths that have won the support of customers.
◇ Based on the philosophy that "customer's success is our success", we also hold seminars and individual consulting for beauty salons.
◇ Seven world-first technologies, including patent-pending technologies, lead to top-class market share. Aiming to become a world-class manufacturer of beauty equipment, we aim to further expand our business.


Japan, 東京都品川区東品川2−3−14

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