Revenue Share Teacher – School Manager/Head Teacher

Job Overview

  • Employer Type Direct Hire
  • Industry Education / Teaching
  • Salary Revenue share JPY / Hour
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Not necessary
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

How often do teachers do a great job, recruit the students and take care of them, but never see a salary increase?

This is a great opportunity for an experienced teacher, already in Japan, who wants some control over their future and just reward for their efforts in building, and being the face of a school.

At this school, you teach the existing classes, recruit new students, grow the school and share the revenue. There is already a curriculum in place so you will not have to spend your time making materials. And there are Japanese staff to answer the phones and do admin.

Current base earnings of approximately ¥135,000 yen per month for 19 classes per week.

Adding 15 new students would increase that to approximately ¥270,000. For no extra teaching hours.

The current 3-day schedule, filled to 75% capacity, would increase that to approximately ¥600,000. For no extra teaching hours.

Responsibilities are to open and set up the school, teach the classes, get students and keep them happy.  Happy students giving referrals and handing out flyers with a smile is the best way to do this. It is a completely different feeling when you hand out fliers and give trial lessons when you know each new student is going to increase your earnings.

Students range from pre-K to adults. This is a fun, ‘at-home’ community school.

NB This is revenue share NOT profit share. We believe the teacher, as the face of the school, should rightfully receive the majority of the rewards.

Please tell us a bit about yourself when you “apply” for this position.   We will disclose the name of the schools and locations to teachers we would like to consider for the position. Editors note:  As the company listing this opportunity has decided not to disclose the school name, we are promoting this opportunity via the official account so interested candidates know the position is legitimate with a reputable company. 

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Apply for this job

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