(Podcast) Climbing the Ladder w/ Andy from Interac

This week I talk with Andy, a person that started as an ALT with Interac and has done much more through his many steps up the corporate ladder of the company. Thanks to Interac and

The Inside Japan Podcast: Eikaiwa Teacher to Interac to Opening a School – Tyson

Tyson drops in this week to talk about working hard (while being a manager at Interac in particular), why passing N1 doesn’t guarantee you anything, and his path to starting his own school. Enjoy. Right-Click

The Inside Japan Podcast: From Interac to Tech – Jordan

This week Jordan drops in to regale us with his tale of making the jump from Interac Teacher to his position in the Tech field.

Employer Interview – Link Interac sits down with Mr. Kevin Salthouse, Director at Link Interac Inc. which is Japan’s largest private provider of English teachers to the public school system.

6 Benefits to Working in Japan

Thinking about getting a job in Japan, but not quite sure? We list 6 of the best reasons why you should work in Japan.

Can Kids Learn English Through Videogames? | Inside Japan with Adam

On this episode I’m speaking with Adam Kardos, Owner of English Access who created a fun interactive game that helps children to learn English.