ALTInsider Podcast – Interview with HTM Niseko

If you are interested of living or working in Niseko, hospitality industry, season work in Japan or just a change of pace, take a listen to this interview.

Bullying Crisis in Japan: The Problem of Ijime

Bullying is a global problem, but Japan grapples with severe cases resulting in youth fatalities. Known as “ijime,” it involves aggressive behavior. In 2019, Japan saw nearly 610,000 bullying cases, contributing to high youth suicide rates. Schools often mishandle cases, emphasizing the need for improved intervention.

The World of Anime Enthusiasts: How Otaku went from Stereotypes to Mainstream

The evolution of the term “otaku,” from its origins as a label for passionate anime and manga enthusiasts to its current status as a genuine subculture, has a long history. “Otaku” has transitioned from being associated with negative stereotypes to becoming a common term for the community of fans worldwide.

Exploring Japanese Literature: From Ancient Mythology to Postwar Challenges

Explore the rich literary history of Japan, from ancient myths to modern classics. Discover the origins of Japanese writing starting from the first novel, ‘The Tale of Genji’, to postwar literature, and uncover the diverse themes and styles that shape Japanese culture.

Pivoting from teaching English to software developer with LaShawn Toyoda

It’s not easy to pivot from English teaching to a new career. But LaShawn Toyoda’s inspiring story proves that it’s possible.