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What is the Native English Teacher Reservation Service?

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We offer a dispatch and recruiting service where you can reserve and guarantee your school's Native English teachers for the 2023 school year. We have hired more than 50 American, British and Australian English instructors from overseas ready for placement in your school.

We will take care of all procedures related to visas and immigration to Japan.

For Foreign Teacher hiring, choose Jobs in Japan x My Tomodachi Japan

Do you have any issues like these?

Recruiting Native English Teachers for the 2023 School Year

It is difficult to hire good teachers with all the competition. Our area is not as attractive for teachers as other cities.

Teachers are "playing the field" even after getting an offer. We had teachers formally commit to our schools and then suddenly lose all contact.

Every year, the hiring process is not finalized until the very last minute. By the time we know our needs, all the good teachers are taken.

The hiring pool of native English teachers is too small.

Jobs in Japan × My Tomodachi Japan can solve these issues

For schools that have hiring problems

Reserve and Secure
Native English Teachers

Avoid the risk and trouble of competing for good teachers. Interview and Secure your teacher from the teachers we have available.

We only deal with those that are interested in living in Japan.

We hire English teachers who want to immigrate to Japan from overseas. Only foreigners who have gone through a rigorous screening process and procedures related to immigration to Japan are accepted to our program; therefore, we have a very low rate of teachers that leave our program.

All English teachers
are native speakers

We only target the U.S., U.K., and Australia, so we are able to hire native English teachers rather than non-native English speakers.

For Foreign Teacher hiring, choose Jobs in Japan x My Tomodachi Japan

Five advantages that set us apart apart from other companies

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Extremely low teacher dispatch rates

Your company's recruitment costs are only the monthly dispatch fees; Our dispatch fees are among the lowest in the industry,
ranging from 1,860 yen to 2,125 yen per hour.
For details, please refer to the dispatch fee chart below.

Nationwide Coverage & Support

Service available throughout Japan.
Prices vary by region, so please contact us for details.

We take care of everything related to
recruitment and immigration to Japan.

Avoid the time consuming hiring process interviews, employment contracts, general affairs, visas, etc. You can concentrate on running your school.

Teachers can be changed or cancelled mid-term

It is very difficult and disruptive to dismiss an employed teacher no matter how justified. Since we offer a dispatch service, you can change the teacher or terminate the contract if the teacher cannot perform at an acceptable level.

Pre-interviews are available

You can hire the person you prefer by watching a video of each English teacher's self-introduction and interviewing them in advance.

For Foreign Teacher hiring, choose Jobs in Japan x My Tomodachi Japan

Teacher Dispatch Rates

Most Competitive Prices in the Industry

Type of Work Full Time
Working Hours 40 Hours / Week
Service Term From one year
Recruitment Employed directly from Overseas
Training Affiliated English Conversation & Childcare facilities ※Optional
Area/Nationality Native English Speaking Countries (USA, UK, Australia, etc.)
Time from inquiry to start of work 2 weeks to 2 months *Varies depending on immigration procedures
Pre-Interview Available

Company Profile & Dispatch Staffing Business License

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Dispatching company name My Tomodachi Japan
Address 13-38 Naniwacho, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0022
Phone 06-6485-4871
Dispatch staffing business license

Actual Comments from our Dispatched Teachers

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For Foreign Teacher hiring, choose Jobs in Japan x My Tomodachi Japan

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