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Standard Discount rates (tax exclusive)

Unit Price 3 Jobs 5 Jobs 10 Jobs 1 Year
Featured Posting ¥35,000 ¥100,000 ¥155,000 ¥300,000 ¥335,000
Semi-Featured Posting ¥25,000 ¥72,500 ¥112,500 ¥210,000 ¥240,000
Standard Posting ¥15,000 ¥42,000 ¥67,500 ¥125,000 ¥145,000

Please contact us for more information on bulk or yearly posting rates. Use a mixture of posting levels to meet your hiring volume and urgency.

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    Package types and information

    Standard Job


    • Job listing duration: 30 days
    • Newsletter / Jobmail

    The Standard level postings are listed on the site for 30 days with unlimited rich-text job descriptions (insert images, photos, videos), included in all applicable searches, company profile, screening questions, full-featured candidate tracking system, and much more.

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    Bulk Discounts

    Resume Bank Access


    • 50 Resume views

    Save time by pro-actively searching through our resume databank. Search by skills, location, language ability, visa, and more to get a list of candidates that meet those criteria. Resume Alerts will let you know when a candidate uploads a resume that matches your exact needs.

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    Bulk Discounts

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