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Standard Discount rates (tax included)

Unit Price 3 Jobs 5 Jobs 10 Jobs 1 Year
Premium Posting ¥44,000 ¥125,400 ¥198,000 ¥374,000 ¥432,960
Advanced Posting ¥33,000 ¥94,500 ¥148,000 ¥280,500 ¥324,720
Standard Posting ¥22,000 ¥62,720 ¥110,000 ¥187,000 ¥216,480

Please contact us for more information on bulk or yearly posting rates. Use a mixture of posting levels to meet your hiring volume and urgency.

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    Package types and information

    Premium Job Package


    • Job listing duration: 30 days
    • Premium listing box: 30 days
    • Featured Status in searches
    • Refresh Jobs: 3 times
    • Newsletter / Jobmail
    • Related Jobs section exposure
    • Social Media – Extended Push
    • Resume bank scout access: 50 resumes
    • All features of Standard postings

    Get the most exposure with your positions! Your job will be displayed as “Featured” offering job seekers the most information with the highest level of exposure. Featured jobs are ranked the highest in the search results and with custom-branded header design to further stand out to job seekers.

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    Bulk Discounts

    Advanced Job Package


    • Job listing duration: 30 days
    • Premium listing box: 7 days
    • Featured Status in searches: 7 days
    • Refresh Jobs: 1 time
    • Newsletter / Jobmail
    • Related Jobs section exposure: 7 days
    • All features of Standard postings

    Get the same high exposure to your jobs as the Featured level postings for one week then Standard level posting features for the remainder of the 30 days online.

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    Bulk Discounts

    Standard Job


    • Job listing duration: 30 days
    • Newsletter / Jobmail

    The Standard level postings are listed on the site for 30 days with unlimited rich-text job descriptions (insert images, photos, videos), included in all applicable searches, company profile, screening questions, full-featured candidate tracking system, and much more.

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    Bulk Discounts

    Teacher Placement Service (Haken Service)

    ¥288,000 ~ 340,000/month
    ¥2,200 ~ 3,000/hour

    • Everything is taken care of including including visa processing, guarantor, setting up bank account, and other
      daily needs for the teachers.
    • Qualified teachers for Preschools/Kindergartens or Eikaiwa
    • Not just full time, only a few hours per month is OK.

    Using a teacher dispatch service is a time-saving and convenient way to solve your teacher hiring issues allowing you to concentrate on your school/business. (Sectors: Preschool/Kindergarten Teachers and Eikaiwa Teacher)
    You don’t have to endure the hassle or bother of advertising the vacancy, sorting applicants, taking care of visa, housing, support issues, etc., just outsource the entire process.
    Find out the differences, benefits and if this is the right decision for you.

    RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Services

    • Save time and reduce hiring costs
    • We proactively recruit for you
    • Utilize our expertise

    JIJ RPO Service is a hands-on employee acquisition, screening and shortlisting candidate introduction service. Let us provide you with a list of candidates ready for you to interview. Think of it as a hybrid between the job posting service and a recruiting agency at a fraction of the cost.
    Our fastest growing service!

    Resume Bank Access


    • 50 Resume views

    Save time by pro-actively searching through our resume databank. Search by skills, location, language ability, visa, and more to get a list of candidates that meet those criteria. Resume Alerts will let you know when a candidate uploads a resume that matches your exact needs.

    No posting costs and you can select the teacher from the ones we have already committed.

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