RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Services

Recruiters are expensive, and for hires in Japan you can expect to pay 30% of a whole year’s salary of the new hire to the recruiter. For many small businesses this is unaffordable.

But JIJ’s RPO Service offers all the benefits of a recruiter at a fraction of the cost!

JIJ RPO Service is a hands-on employee acquisition, screening and short-listing introduction service at a fraction of the price of a recruiter. Our experienced hiring and recruiting professionals will help you find the right candidates to match your open positions, for one price regardless of salary paid to the newly hired employee. 

This service is ideal for companies that may not have the time, experience or language proficiency to carry out the time consuming task of candidate search and selection.

Leave the search to the experts so you concentrate on interviewing only those candidates who are a true fit for the position.

Steps Include:


Position Review

A JIJ Recruiting expert will meet with you to discuss the exact details of the position. The job description will be professionally written to attract the right candidates. Translations provided if necessary.


Job Posting

The position will be posted throughout our entire network and promoted widely on the entire JobsinJapan.com job distribution network, social media along with paid advertising.


Resume Bank and Job Alerts

We proactively send out job alerts and contact prospective applicants in the JobsinJapan.com resume bank.


Initial Selection / Screening of Applicants

We will carefully screen all applicants and contact select candidates who are most closely aligned with the agreed criteria.


Video Interview – Screening interview

All shortlisted applicants will take our automated video interview allowing you to assess a job seeker’s communication skills, body language, and how they present their ideas. This is a much faster, easier and more modern way to hire, and saves you the time and cost of setting up in-person interviews for every candidate who looks good on paper.

We have a set of standardized interview questions, and you can ask customized questions depending on the role.


Transparency of operations

In addition to constant updates, you will have access to the Applicant Tracking & Management Software where you can see who applied to your job (cover letter, resume), your correspondence with the applicants, ranking, notes, scout emails, and everything else you need. This is more than filtering by keywords, we take an in-depth look at all applicants and show you the most important information to help you hire faster.


Live (recorded) interview

While we do not conduct in-person interviews, we can offer unique live recorded interviews (extra charge).

What is the difference between JobsinJapan.com’s RPO service vs. traditional staffing agencies (Shokai, Haken)?

Typically recruiting agencies charge about 35% or three months of the hired candidate’s salary, which is quite expensive. Our RPO service only charges for time, materials and a small reward once a hire is successfully made. Our rates for full-time staff are usually much less than one month’s salary.

Level of Engagement
Agencies typically assist with job seeker’s cover letter, resume and offer coaching/advice on what to do or say in an interview, etc. While it is nice to have each interview candidate properly prepared, this often gives a misinterpretation of the person’s actual abilities, personality or character (as they want a job). We work for you which means showing you the most accurate representation of the various job candidates. 

Worse yet, the Agency/Recruiter is usually involved with the salary negotiations. Because of this, the employer ultimately pays more. 

We offer what you need
Instead of paying more money for services that do not help you, we offer what you need to save you time, energy and money; which is a short list of qualified job candidates, vetted by hiring professionals, for you to interview yourself. All you need to do is make the choice, and we take care of everything up to that point.


Please contact us for a consultation so we can provide you with an estimate.

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