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At 5CA, we champion culture. Gaming is our bread and butter.

We’re a global outsourcing partner providing 100% remote CX, passionate agents, and data-driven insights. Founded in 1998, we now represent some of the biggest names in gaming and tech and level up their customer and player experience. Our community is full of ardent gamers and digital natives from around the world. Working with brands they love, from home, in their languages.

Working from home made simple

We’re pioneers of work from home customer experience, and we’ve been leading the way for more than 15 years. We can hire the best people anywhere in the world, to work on accounts anywhere in the world. Almost every support agent works from home, and a number of key staff members do the same. Let’s say you’re a native Japanese speaker living in Lisbon, and you like the idea of helping us deliver next-level CX for Japanese customers. When can you start?

Life’s too short to commute

It’s said that commuting can take up to 300 hours per year. That doesn’t sound like a good use of time to us. Imagine what else you could do with all that time. We think life’s too short to spend it stuck in traffic or fighting for space on a hot metro. So why not escape the daily grind (and cost) by taking commuting out of the picture?

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