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About BIG BOW English Lab

BIG BOW English Lab is an English school for young learners that has a unique CLIL-based curriculum and a strong focus on developing reading skills. Each class is 90 minutes long; the first half of the class is a textbook lesson and reading activity and the second half is an original CLIL lesson, where students are taught about other subjects (history, science, geography, math, etc.) in English. There is an extensive reading library and over half the students are returnees, international pre-school graduates, or members of international families.

Each class has up to 12 students and is taught by an assistant teacher and the head teacher, an award-winning ELT materials writer who has over 25 years of experience teaching in Japan.

The newly renovated school is located in Nagoya in a very nice residential area between Irinaka and Yagoto subway stations, near Nanzan Girls’ School.

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