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Central forest is an international preschool in Chuorinkan, Kanagawa about 7 minutes walk from Chuorinkan station. We have an international student body where one third of our children are from native English speaking households.  Our school serves mostly the Yamato, Sagamihara area and Atsugi base.  We have four grades where our youngest students are usually 2 years old when they start the school and are typically 6 years old when they graduate.  Our students go to the park, swimming classes,  music lesson and ballet lessons.  All instruction is in English except the Japanese class.  Classes are made up of about  20 students, with a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.  We provide bus services for our students and teachers are required to be part of the bus rotation.  A typical school day is from 8:30 to 16:30 in the afternoon.   We have Halloween and Christmas events every year and our community is quite close with supportive parents and staff.  We look forward to introducing our school community to talent new teachers.

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